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Your Map to Success

Navigating the process of learning NLP can be confusing. Should you read a book? Learn online? Attend a workshop? Who to train with? Let us help.Register here for your NLP Succcess Map is a comprehensive workbook that will  help you learn more about NLP & how to begin your journey.

  • Understanding NLP
  • Find your personal motivators
  • Self Coaching Worksheets
  • Well Formed Outcome Goal Tool

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Explain it to me


NLP is about understanding how the language of the mind creates the patterns and programs you run in life. We have programs for everything that we do – and by understanding this you can enhance the programs that are working well, change what isn’t working well and ‘map across’ resourceful patterns to other areas of life and you can use this information to help others too!

Ultimately, with NLP you are learning how your mind works – and in turn other people’s minds. In essence everything we interact with (see, hear, touch, taste, smell, think) creates a chemical reaction which triggers a response. What if you can learn how to purposefully alter those chemicals and therefore your responses? That, is NLP.

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What is Involved?

stepstolearningIf you are really interested and passionate about making a difference in your life – then NLP could be for you!

There’s not a single area of life that can’t be dramatically improved by applying NLP skills: business, personal development, parenting, sales, leadership, teaching, training, coaching, managing, and more. Our major outcome for all of our students is the ability not just to know NLP, but also to live it.

There are three official levels of NLP Certification training plus we have specialised programs for Coaches and Therapists!

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How can I use NLP?

whatisnlp_keyThe tools of NLP are very versatile and we train NLP in a very specific way to help you use NLP in every aspect of life: as a parent, a business owner, at work, with friends, in your finances, with your health, for your growth, in training, as a leader, and just being a better you!

Primarily we look at three main uses of NLP for every skill and tool you learn: 1) how to apply it to yourself, 2) how to apply it in business and 3) how to apply it with others.

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