Reset Metabolism

You’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again – the mind and body are connected, therefore affect each other.

And the body can be a fickle thing! It runs on a program of health and can be swayed easily by beliefs, input (diet) and output (exercise). NLP can assist greatly with the belief parts of health. In fact, one belief we often work with is “as I get older my metabolism slows down”. Do you have this belief? If so, according to whom?

If its not a universal truth (the sun will come up tomorrow, there are fish in the ocean, etc.), then it isn’t a belief that exists for everyone. Do you know of anyone who is still fit, healthy and can eat whatever they want without a thought to their metabolism? What if metabolism were less of an age thing and more of a mind thing? Would you choose to do something about it?

Luckily, NLP has a few tools that will help for this! Namely, a process called Communicating with Symptoms, Unconscious Pattern Change and also Neuro Repair Change are all tools that you will learn with NLP that can help you to reset your metabolism – creating more energy, vibrancy and a smaller waistline for you all at the same time.

Understand the mind/body connection

One of NLP’s presuppositions states that the mind and body are connected therefore effect each other. Now suppose you realise this, but tend not to pay attention to it. When you feel hungry you eat, when you have a head ache you might take an aspirin.

Not that this is wrong, but what if you learned to listen to your body and to find out what it is wanting you to pay attention to. Imagine your headache is the only way your mind can get you to shut off. You get the outcome of down time but in a   painful way. When you know the body communicates constantly then you can listen in a way you hadn’t before.

NLP has amazing processes to get in touch with your own mind/body connection. It’s one of the most important things you can do in your life for yourself.

Improve Your Physical Health

Do you realise that your mind and body are connected, and affect each other? Do you also realise that it is the unconscious part of your mind that is responsible for every bodily function you have? This includes the beating of your heart, digestion of food, body temperature regulation, chemical and hormone production, even your hunger pangs and blinking of your eyes.

Most people take for granted that the body is always doing what it is supposed to do; without giving it much thought (unless it is not functioning or doing what they want), and they take it for granted. When there is an issue people often look outside of themselves for answers and if their body does not co-operate they blame it. We often meet people who become clients or students who have physical health issues that they have gone to see doctors, specialists, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, osteopaths and more – and often the external treatment doesn’t work because it is inside factors (psychological) that is creating the issues.

NLP is well known for its benefits in health and healing. In fact, NLP has many methodologies and tools that get your mind and body communicating so they know what each one wants and needs and how to go about achieving these. For example – if you knew that the migraines that you have are actually trying to get your attention to tell you that you need to express yourself more, wouldn’t that be a wonderful piece of information? Or, if your stomach ache or anxiety was your bodies way to communicate its desire for you to change how you handle stress – could you use that information?

NLP will provide you with tools to understand what your unconscious (or automatic self), is doing and what it is programmed to do. Through a variety of NLP tools, you’ll be able to align your beliefs, change behaviours, communicate with symptoms, work directly with your chemical and hormone production to ensure optimal levels of production, while creating and maintaining neurological pathways that will keep you in beneficial health.

Learning and using NLP will give you the ability to manage our conscious thoughts and behaviours. As you learn how to communicate and manage your mind you then improve your physical health in ways that will be long lasting with beneficial effects.