June 2017 – NLP and your 3 Brains

Have you ever had a situation where your heart said one thing, your head another and your gut was confused?  NLP has techniques to help you align these 3 parts that do have cell brains.

May 2017 – Power of Words

Words are the clothing of our thoughts. We know that our thoughts direct our lives and experiences. This webinar helps discover how to use the magic power of words to create a future you design.

February 2017 – 3 Tips for Happiness

You are in charge of your mind and therefore your results! In this webinar Laureli will be sharing 3 tips for you to create and sustain happiness in your life.

January 2017 – New Year New You

In this webinar we will be revisiting the year gone by and projecting into the new year. You will be learning how to identify what you want, a pathway to success and steps to achieve your desires for the new year!