Coaching & Therapy

NLP Coaching & Therapy is offered from our NLP Trainers Laureli Blyth and Dr. Heidi Heron from our Sydney CBD office, on the phone or via Skype.

Sessions are available Wednesday-Friday during normal business hours. Please contact the office on (02) 9264 4357 for information or an appointment or schedule an appointment below.


Using the cutting edge tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), we are able to help you release the past and take back the power and energy you need to feel fully alive, and to live fully present in the moment.

With respectful and caring attention, we will support your desire to heal and to experience life as a whole, effective, and peaceful human being.  Whether you want to transform painful memories, let go of rejection, heal from past trauma, or simply feel stronger and better about yourself - our practitioners are there to help.   Wit many years of experience, and various areas of expertise, we can assist you to re-shape and re-focus your attention, and to begin moving effectively toward the life you want to live.

Human beings tend to spend a great deal of energy and attention on either regret about the past, or anticipation of the future.   Neither of these allows the individual to feel truly alive.  The past is gone, no longer exists, and the future doesn't yet exist. So, if your focus is on either of these, you are pouring energy into things that aren't real.  The present moment is all you have; learning to live fully in each moment allows you to let go of everything else that would deplete you of the energy and focus you need to live a rich, full life.

NLP Therapy

NLP Therapy is categorised in psychotherapy as a brief therapy, meaning this form of therapy takes place in a brief amount of time compared to traditional psychotherapy. On average we work with individuals, couples and families for between 4-8 one hour sessions. We are able to help with a variety of issues including: anxiety, depression, stuckness, fears/phobias, low self esteem, self confidence, self worth, anger, guilt, addictions, health problems, fertility, stuttering, shyness, and more. If you have any questions - contact us and ask to speak directly with Laureli or Heidi for assistance.


We offer three aspects of coaching: Life Coaching, Business Coaching and Executive Coaching. As Certified Meta-Coaches, Laureli  and Heidi are able to offer our coaching skills to help you realise your goals and dreams. Coaching is different to therapy as coaching is helping to get you to a specific outcome which may include: weight loss, saving money, getting out of debt, starting  a business, writing a book, increasing your sales, boosting your employee morale, creating a succession plan, improving employee performance, reducing employee turnover, and more. Coaching is usually contracted with you over a minimum of 3 months using a variety of modes including telephone, email and internet.

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Hypnosis has long been recognised as a powerful and direct path to the higher/unconscious mind.  A path offering insight into the origins and solutions for emotional, psychological and even physical difficulties.  No longer regarded as just a trick used by stage performers or a method for manipulating others, hypnosis is widely accepted and used by doctors, psychologists and therapists worldwide.

Hypnosis is not only effective as a key to to the mind, it can also help direct the mind's energy to alter concepts, sensations, patterns of thought and unwanted behaviours.Pain, pleasure, joy, boredom and fear are all reactions to the ways we thing about passing thoughts - and we may not even be aware of it.  When left to their own devices, our thoughts can make us prisoners and the power of the mind can magnify difficulties instead of solving them.  Hypnosis can help you tap into the mind's resources to transform the things that limit you into the things that move you forward toward your goals.

Through the use of simple and respectful techniques, it is possible to harness and focus an unlimited supply of mental energy that can be used to create the kind of life you want.  Most people only use about 10% of their brain's capacity during the course of a lifetime.  Imagine the possibilities that are available to the individual who can tap into the remaining 90%!

During hypnosis, applied and appropriate suggestions cause changes to take place in the 'message system' that leads from the brain to the spinal cord and into the numerous branches of nerves throughout the body.  Nerve responses are complex, however they respond to simple reconditioning techniques when the individual has reached a state of receptivity through hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the doorway through which we enter and stretch the mind to enhance our potential for personal and professional growth.  The amazing power of the unconscious mind influences nearly every aspect of  human behaviour.   It can cause fear, guilt, anxiety, stress and even illnesses.  However, effectively harnessed, this same power, deep within each of us can bring about profound changes that open new doors to health, happiness and prosperity.

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