If we asked you to write down 3-5 things that are important to you in your career, job or business, what would you write? In fact, if you had the opportunity, do that now. Make these one to three word type phrases – like make a difference, creativity, teamwork.

In NLP, when we ask this question “what is important to you about ___”, the question we are really asking is what are your values. Values, from an NLP perspective are what ultimately drives us; we are drawn toward or away from our values and they tend to be the drivers for our success.

When you can identify what is important to you in your career, job or business then you have more ammunition to create success and happiness in your life. What you will learn with NLP is that when even one value on your list of 3-5 values is not being met, there is going to be a sense of unhappiness or discontentment or incongruence. For there to be a sense of fulfilment, success and genuine congruence – all of your values must be met.

With NLP, you will learn how to change behaviours and beliefs that are attached to your values to help you get those values met. You will also learn how to change your values if they are outdated, redundant or not working for you. And, because it is our values which create drive within us, you can use your values to drive more motivation and success in your direction.