NLP Workshops – Australia

Ready to learn more about NLP?

In addition to training NLP Certification courses, we offer a variety of Introductory and Specialised workshops to share more NLP with you. Some of the specialised workshops have pre-requisites of prior NLP learning, you’ll find more information and registration details below.


Introducing NLP Workshops

Date: 11 November 2017
 9:30am to 5:00pm
99 York St, Sydney CBD
Tickets: $89.00

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Discover Yourself with NLP

A 1 day exploration into discovering your truest desires, your authentic self and releasing limitations that hold you back with Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Do you feel there is more to life than what you have? Do you know yourself, what is important to you, what you are passionate about and what your purpose is?

Why not keep your learning and self-discovery going and add 1 PERSONAL COACHING SESSION after the workshop for just $140.

  • Imagine if you could understand how your thinking creates your reality.
  • Imagine if you could learn how to get out of your way, connect with yourself and quickly create success in many areas of your life.
  • Imagine what your life would be like if you could truly discover who you are, what is important to you and take back control of your thinking, behaviours, emotions and your life.
  • You would discover confidence.
  • You would discover self-worth.  
  • You would discover self-love. 
  • You would discover yourself.

Date: Saturday, 25 November 2017
 10:00am to 5:00pm
Venue: 99 York St, Sydney CBD
Pre-requisite: None

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Intro to NLP Coaching

Are you interested in working as a Coach or Therapist? This one-day workshop will give you insight into what NLP is as a Coaching modality and you will watch Dr. Heidi conduct a few live Coaching Sessions so you can get a good feel for what is possible with NLP.

In this workshop you will:  

  • Learn how NLP is used as a Coaching and Therapy Tool
  • Identify your personal and professional benefits for learning NLP
  • Watch 2 LIVE Coaching sessions
  • Be involved in a de-brief of the coaching sessions to learn what tools were used and why
  • Find out if NLP is a Coaching tool for you and how to become a Certified NLP Coach with NLP Worldwide

Specialised NLP Workshops


Date: 28-29 October 2017
10:00am to 5:00pm
Venue: Sydney NLP Training Centre, CBD
Pre-requisite: None

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Family Constellations

The majority of our beliefs, filters and programs were developed during the imprint period and most can be tracked back to a familial cause. Join us in this special 2-day workshop focused on The Family Constellation, a highly interactive process developed by Bert Hellinger to explore and integrate gestalts, unresolved emotions, significant emotional events while gaining new awareness, understanding and clarity. Add a new dimension to your NLP Timeline tools and exploration processes.


We will be exploring:

  • Gaining insight into your family & how it affects you
  • How to create a family constellation for yourself and others
  • The power of spatial anchoring and the somatic response
  • How to heal family wounds