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NLP how it was meant to be

Our aim is to provide NLP Training that is high in value, integrity and authenticity so you can be the best YOU and help others do the same.

Your trainers are two of the worlds most respected trainers. NLP Master Trainers Laureli Blyth and Dr. Heidi Heron have made it to the World’s Top 30 NLP Speakers and Trainers in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 listing! Currently at #8 and #5! Additionally, Dr. Heidi is ranked at #17 on the Worlds Top 30 Coaches.

We are so proud to share these wonderful ladies with you and the world. They are truly inspirational and passionate about their field.

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The Worldwide Institutes of NLP is one of the oldest NLP training providers in the world having started in 1994 by Laureli Blyth. We first began training in Australia as simply The Australasian Institute of NLP and have grown to include The American Institute of NLP and The European Institute of NLP all under our umbrella.

All of our NLP Certification programs are trained specifically by Laureli Blyth and Dr. Heidi Heron, PsyD, ensuring you the quality and integrity of learning that we are renown for worldwide. 

And, our NLP Certification courses all exceed the minimum international requirements for Certification Training and include the required components of Ericksonian Hypnosis and Timeline.

Anywhere in the world that you train with the Worldwide Institutes of NLP you are guaranteed of top quality training, we pride ourselves on teaching Pure NLP and offer our students a variety of benefits to last a lifetime including ongoing practice groups (in person and online), a lifetime subscription to our Student Membership Site, the ability to review the training at no cost*, ongoing learning opportunities, discounts at upcoming workshops and more! 

It’s different here!

Sensible and intimate class size, with a maximum of 20 participants. Where others attempt to train 50+ students at a time in a certification course, we feel it is important to maintain a logical class size so you are not lost in the numbers and have a one-on-one approach.

  • Ongoing local support, after course study groups, supervision, online and face to face practice groups, online videos, mentor meetings and newsletters
  • Our NLP courses are trained in an generative, accelerated learning capacity – enabling you to absorb and transform immediately, you don’t have to wait until the end of the training to notice your own transformations.
  • The atmosphere is very comfortable and laid-back in training and our staff and trainers are very approachable and honest. Not only do we talk the talk, we walk the walk.
  • NLP trainers that use the skills in a coaching, therapeutic and consultative manner, not only in a training setting. Therefore, you are getting practical, hands on knowledge from the people who use the skills every day!

If we could make NLP a pre-requisite to getting married, being a parent, holidng a leadership role or helping others, we would! 

Laureli Blyth

NLP Master Trainer

Laureli Blyth has over 20 years in the field of NLP. She is a well known and respected International NLP Master Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, & Numerologist. American by birth she now makes her home in Australia. She lectures & teaches programs in Australia, USA, Europe & Asia Pacific. The founder & director the Australasian Institute of NLP in Sydney, she inspires & assists others to use their minds, get their voice & have the life they desire. Laureli has a vast knowledge of the psyche & assists her students & clients to integrate their mind, body & spirit. Her wholeness approach & extent of her knowledge is displayed in her range of books that are available throughout the world, Neuro Intelligence, Brain Power, Dream Power, The Numerology of Names & co-author of 30 Days to NLP and You Must Learn NLP – all for purchase at

Email: laureli @

Dr. Heidi Heron

NLP Master Trainer

Dr. Heidi has been involved with the technology of NLP for most of her life and is an International Master Trainer of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Doctor of Psychology. She has obtained her Doctorate in Psychology; Masters in Adult Education and Bachelor Degrees in Psychology and Communication. Heidi has a background in Corporate Human Resources Management and Personal Development.  She holds Clinical Professional and Trainer Membership with the Australian Board of NLP, Level 4 Membership with the Australian Counsellors Association, Master Certified Coach (MCC) credentials with the International Coach Federation and is a Certified Supervisor. Heidi has held the roles of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson for the Australian Board of NLP ( since 2006. Heidi is the co-author of the book 30 Days to NLP, and You Must Learn NLP.

Email: heidi @
Private practice: 

Do Your Homework

When people research NLP and do their homework to find an NLP trainer, they most often end up training with us.  When you are talking to prospective trainers, ask Why should I learn from you?

  • All of our courses meet and exceed the international requirements for NLP Certification
  • Our Trainers, Dr. Heidi & Laureli use their NLP skills outside the classroom 
  • Our class sizes are kept to a maximum of 20 participants so you have plenty of people to learn with, but you’ll never be lost in the crowd 
  • There is no hype here either. We are authentic in our style and help you to be authentic in yours!
  • We go overboard on after course learning with so many tools, guidance and expertise along the way!

Before you choose your NLP trainer- be sure to check out our article:

Before you commit: 10 Questions to Ask Your NLP Trainer  

Why do we train NLP?

Learn NLP AustraliaLaureli Blyth is the founder of the Worldwide Institutes of NLP. She began her NLP journey in 1983 when she completed her NLP training with NLP Comprehensive and trainers Steve Andreas and Connirae Andreas. After using the skills in her corporate positions with United Airlines, Laureli began the institutes in 1994 in Sydney Australia. It was always a passion of Laureli’s to share these dynamic skills with others in a simple and easy manner as a therapist, coach and trainer. As the training arm grew, Dr. Heidi Heron joined as a therapist and trainer in 2000. She had started her own journey of NLP in 1998 and brings a background of traditional psychology and counselling to the institute. It is Heidi’s aim to ensure that everyone who seeks NLP training with the institutes has their intentions fulfilled.

Our classes are fundamentally mixed with individuals who desire to use NLP in a variety of ways. You may meet a teacher, a carpenter, a lawyer, a coach, a doctor, a mother, a sales person, a manager, an entrepreneur, an actor, a dentist, a therapist, a sports person and even a person who wishes to be any of these professions. We pride ourselves on small groups of 10-20 people to create an intimate learning environment for our students and our trainers. We want to get to know our students and we want to make sure you are getting what you desire.

⭐ We train NLP because it is the latest technology for understanding human potential. The tools and methodologies are simple yet powerful; and easy to understand.
⭐ We train NLP because everyone can learn and implement these skills.
⭐ We train the ‘purest’ form of NLP possible. Many other organisations change the name of NLP and NLP processes, some even hype up the learning by creating a production with loud music, lights and cameras. We keep it simple. Same names as the beginning, we help you apply it to life, we have no hoopla or mystic.
⭐ We train NLP because we’ve seen, in our private practices and in our classroom, thousands of peoples lives changed, enhanced and enriched because of NLP. When you know better, you can do better.
⭐ We train NLP because we are passionate about helping people to live their lives authentically.
⭐ We train NLP because its fun!

Why should you learn NLP with us?

untitled-design-4First, notice the words in this heading. Not why learn from us, rather learn with us.

Our passion for NLP lies less in the techniques of NLP and more in the people who learn it. We have experience with NLP in the classroom, and more importantly out of it. As in-congruent as it may be, many NLP trainers only train NLP and not actually use it. We use NLP every day. First – in our own lives and second, with others. Laureli and Heidi both run practices where they use NLP as a tool for therapy and coaching with individuals, families and groups. They also work with companies to assist their leadership team, sales professionals, human resources department and more. All of this information is brought to the classroom so that you walk away knowing many things based on this simple rule: 1. Apply NLP to yourself, 2. Then apply with others.

Because of our vast hands-on, experiential knowledge, the learning you are receiving from us, wherever we are in the world is applicable, appropriate and usable. We have a very hands-on approach to our training style. Additionally, you will know from the classroom why, when, where and how to apply every skill of NLP that we train.

Our students use words like integrity, passion, supportive, down-to-earth, real, approachable and authentic to describe our trainers. While we may not put on a ‘good show’ (with loud music, lots of clapping, lights and cameras), we do provide an outstanding NLP training opportunity.

It’s different here. While all of this may seem expected from an NLP training institute – we assure you it is not. Unfortunately.

Get assistance from some of our students:

The path of choosing an NLP trainer can be a tricky one simply because you have nothing to compare with. Therefore, we’d like to share with you some of the things that students who have previously trained with another organisation and then re-train with us have to say:

Catherine – You can do a seminar with anyone and get a manual and some practice. With the Institues you will get knowledge and the information will go into your bones. The small groups, accelerated learning, real life application and teaching style of Heidi and Laureli without a doubt is what makes their NLP training superior to the others. If you want to be a Coach – this is the only training you’ll need! I learned more in the NLP Practitioner and NLP Coaching Certification (total of 10 days) than I did in 12 months of Coach Training. You will get to know your trainers and be a part of a family of NLP here.

Katherine – I didn’t know how much I didn’t know until I re-did my Master Practitioner training again in Singapore. The learning of complex material is so simple, the application for myself and different areas of my life is amazing and the connection I can have with my trainer is second-to-none.

Michael – I thought my first training was great, and it was. My training with Heidi and Laureli however surpassed it by their approachability, knowledge and practical use of the skills. I can ask them questions, send emails, get further clarification and continue my learning outside of the classroom. I learned so much more, have more knowledge about how to actually apply it and know that I can do it in my way not somone elses.

Jason – My original training was a great show of lights and sound – I was very entertained but not very educated. The learning with Heidi and Laureli gave me such a great understanding of the skills of NLP. I’m so glad that I re-trained, I feel much more knowledgeable, skilled and grounded in my learning.

Richard – Laureli and Heidi put NLP into such simple terms and easy to follow steps. I was amazed at how much more I learned in such a shorter time-frame than my previous training. It was amazing to learn from such great trainers and leaders, they are two of the best trainers I’ve seen in the world.

Sandra – I completed my Coaching course a few years ago with another training company and then did my NLP training with the Australasian Institute of NLP. I learned more in 9 days (Master Prac) with Heidi then in the entire 2 years prior. I now understand the NLP skills, how to apply them and when to do what. The experience is amazing, and so much more professional, congruent and thorough than I had previously experienced.

Peter – I found the personality of the trainers and level of knowledge from this school to  contribute significantly in the field of NLP. The level of integrity from Heidi and Laureli is rare in this field, it is well worth anyone’s while to go out of their way to choose these guys as their trainers.

Debra – In my original training I was overwhelmed by so many people and not being able to ask questions. I found Laureli and Heidi approachable, professional and honoring of their students. I felt like they cared about me, what I was learning and how I was going to use it, before I felt like just another person in the class.

Claire –  Thank You World Wide NLP for introducing me to REAL NLP!! After spending thousands and thousands of dollars training with several of the leaders in the industry of NLP Training, I have finally “come home”! Following my first training some years ago I came away feeling uncertain, uneasy, and unready to be an NLP Practitioner! I had more questions than answers and I was concerned about my professional integrity…… I certainly did not feel like the walking, talking success machine that I should have been now! What a pleasure it has been to re-learn from Laureli and Heidi the fundamentals of NLP and how to use these skills in ways that create meaningful change and build resources in my clients that will last them a lifetime. I have learnt that true NLP is about “doing with” not “doing to” my clients and myself!