August 2018 – Rapport, Rapport, Rapport!

Just like property needs a good location, communication needs good rapport. In August, join us for our next online workshop about rapport. Rapport is the connection you have with yourself and others, and NLP has elegantly unpacked how to create a deep connection with someone to ensure your communication can flow, regardless of the topic!

October 2016 – Perceptual Positions

The concept of Perceptual Positions in NLP allows us to change our point of view by choice. When we have the skills to step into or out of our own view point, someone else or even the ‘fly on the wall’ perspective, we have the ability to create more choice and options in life.

September 2016 – NLP & Reframing

An ounce of preframing is worth a pound of reframing. In today’s webinar we will share the power of reframing and how it can change the way people feel and think and behaviours.

August 2016 – NLP & The Power of Metaphor

NLP is outcome and solution based and has many techniques and tools that help people achieve and maintain their goals and outcomes. In this 40 minute webinar we will share some of these amazing aspects with you.

August 2015 – Revisiting NLP Representational Systems

Being able to understand someone from their own point of view is an important and interesting skill. One NLP tool that helps you do that is Representational Systems. In this webinar we revisit (or share with you for the first time) this great NLP tool and concept.

September 2014 – Conversational Ericksonian Hypnosis

In this webinar we will investigate the Conversational tools of Ericksonian Hypnosis and some of the tools that NLP modeled from Dr. Milton H. Erickson. As you will learn, these simple phrases and wordings can help you to be more influential in everyday conversations.