September 2018 – Healing Frames

One of our unconscious prime directives is to constantly regenerate & heal the body.  Learn how to direct yourself to a healthy mind and body with some as you connect to powerful Healing Frames.

August 2018 – Rapport, Rapport, Rapport!

Just like property needs a good location, communication needs good rapport. In August, join us for our next online workshop about rapport. Rapport is the connection you have with yourself and others, and NLP has elegantly unpacked how to create a deep connection with someone to ensure your communication can flow, regardless of the topic!

July 2018 – Discover and Utilize your Intuition

Everyone has intuition yet for some it seems a puzzle how to separate it from your conscious thinking mind. Come listen and learn some great NLP techniques to connect & listen to your best wise inner adviser.

June 2018 – Communicate with Your Body

Did you know that your mind and body are in constant communication with each other? With NLP, you can learn how to tap into this silent communication to learn more about what your body needs from you. Those cravings, pains, soreness and emotions – they are not arbitrary – they are trying to tell you something! Dr. Heidi helps you to communicate with your body, and be lead through a process to find out more!


Sept 2017 – NLP and Addictions

In this webinar we will look at some of the NLP tools and skills that assist in understanding and ultimately breaking through addictions.


April 2017 – Using NLP to Assist with Anxiety

Anxiety has become one of the biggest and most preventable illness of people today. In this webinar we will look at NLP tools to assist in breaking through and getting back zest for life.