December 2018 – A Year In Review

As we close our 2018, our online workshop in December is focused on taking stock of what you did well, how you can improve and what you want to achieve in 2019. We’re not looking at goals or resolutions, we’ll be taking a closer look at you – your mindset, success and psychology moving forward into the new year.

Nov 2018 – Create Your Destiny

You can either create your destiny or be created by it. In this workshop, Laureli will help you with some simple yet powerful concepts and tools to taking control of what you want as the developer of your life.

October 2018 – Speak Your Truth

You’ve heard it before, when you are confidence, congruent and whole you can be you and speak your truth more effectively. But what happens when you are lacking confidence and congruence? Well, NLP can help! In October, we will be investigating NLP tools to create more of what you need to truly be able to speak your truth, in any situation!

September 2018 – Healing Frames

One of our unconscious prime directives is to constantly regenerate & heal the body.  Learn how to direct yourself to a healthy mind and body with some as you connect to powerful Healing Frames.

August 2018 – Rapport, Rapport, Rapport!

Just like property needs a good location, communication needs good rapport. In August, join us for our next online workshop about rapport. Rapport is the connection you have with yourself and others, and NLP has elegantly unpacked how to create a deep connection with someone to ensure your communication can flow, regardless of the topic!

May 2018 – Attracting Abundance – Detach to Attract

Although we often know better, it’s difficult to attract what we really want in our life as long as we are still connected and attached to what we no longer need or want.  Listen as Laureli talks about some great ways to get yourself in alignment with your pathway and create your future with purpose. Learn to detach so you can attract what you really desire.