Coach Webinar 2019

So You Want to Be a Coach? A free webinar to get your questions answered 

Shopping for coach training programs? Or playing with the idea of being a coach? 

Get your questions answered in this free webinar with Dr. Heidi Heron, PsyD, MCC, Director & Principal Trainer of the Worldwide Institutes of NLP, an Australian based accredited coach training program of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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What you'll get in this webinar:

The purpose of this free webinar is for you to see if the Worldwide Institutes of NLP has the coach training program for you. You will:

Learn our philosophy around the true purpose (and joy) of coaching, as well as the key distinctions between professional coaching and other helping professions.

Discover a comprehensive pathway to becoming a masterful, successful coach — a journey in which you will grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Clarify all the “nuts and bolts” of our coach training program, including the price, time commitment, and program curriculum.

Get all your questions answered and see your authentic next step, whether it be to sign up, talk with us further, or pursue your training elsewhere.

This Webinar is For You if:

You’re just playing with the idea of becoming a coach, and curious to learn more.

Maybe you’ve only begun to consider the possibility of becoming a coach. Join this webinar to see what it means to be a coach, and if it is a path for you.

You’re thinking seriously about becoming a coach, and looking for a next step. 

It is no small thing to see you that you are, in fact, called to be a coach! You may have more questions than you can count. Let us help you answer them.

You’re actively shopping around for the right coach training program for you.

You’ve said “Yes!” to coach training, and you want to find a school that matches your aspirations, philosophy, and values. See if ours is the one!

This Webinar is Lead by: 

  Dr. Heidi Heron, PsyD MCC, is an NLP Master Trainer, ICF Master Certified Coach and is ranked as the #3 Worlds Top 30 NLP Professionals.  

With nearly 4000 client hours, she is a Principal Trainer and Director with The Worldwide Institutes of NLP, a clinical hypnotherapist, Clinical & Trainer Member with the Australian Board of NLP, Trainer Member with the Association of NLP, member of the Leadership Summit, Level 4 Member with the Australian Counsellors Association, and Doctor of Clinical Psychology.  

The Worldwide Institutes of NLP have been training Coaches since 1994, and the NLP Coach Certification Training is an ACTP course with the International Coach Federation.  

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