We meet a lot of people who want to be an entrepreneur – the majority either never embark upon that journey or they do and go back to employment within a few years.

Have you ever wondered what sets the successful entrepreneur apart from the wantrepreneur or unsuccessful entrepreneur? We know that the success ratio is about 20% the product or service you are offering and 80% mindset.

NLP will help you to identify your own mindset plus you will pick up tools that will help you to model other successful entrepreneurs to find out what they are doing that works. Once you are able to know the ingrediance of the successful entrepreneurial mindset you can then use your NLP skills to alter beliefs, change values, update your unconscious filters and behaviours.

A wonderful thing that you will learn with NLP is a presupposition if it is possible for someone else, it is possible for me. And, because we have the skills to unpack the unconscious processes a person uses to reach a desired goal, you can then apply and adopt some of the successful strategies that someone else (or a few someone else’s), use to be a successful entrepreneur.