NLP in Business

There are so many ways to learn about NLP and how you can use these dynamic skills in your life. On this page, we offer you many options to gather more information and skills about Using NLP in Business. Please feel free to download, watch, experience and explore the learning elements we have here for you.  

Below you will find the following categories of information: 

  • Short videos 
  • Downloadables 
  • Longer videos and series

 For more knowledge, skill development and tools to use in your life, we invite you to join us at our next NLP Certification training

you must learn nlp156 Ways Learning Neuro Linguistic Programming Will Improve Your Life

Short Video

The following short videos are from Dr. Heidi’s YouTube Channel – for more, please visit NLP with Dr. Heidi on YouTube.



We invite you to learn more about NLP with the following download options.


The Art of Sales

NLP Sales

Gain NLP skills for sales to increase your persuasion and influence skills with Neuro Linguistic Programmin – 16 page download.


Download the Rapport chapter of our book 30 Days to NLP and gain more skills in how to connect with others instantly.

The Psychology of Personal Training

NLP Personal Training

Tap into the psychology of your clients with simple linguistic tools from Neuro Linguistic Programming – 16 page download.

Longer Videos & Series

The following videos will offer you even more insight into using NLP in business. Some require sign-up or purchase to access higher levels of online training.

Creating Agile Communication Skills

NLP Communication

The people who are the most flexible in their approach are most often the most successful people. You may have heard the saying “Stay committed to your goals, be flexible in your approach”.

Communication Essentials with NLP

NLP Communication Essentials

NLP is a must-have set of tools when it comes to communication. In series you will learn how to build rapport, be sensory acute, ask powerful questions, watch eye accessing cues and the NLP Communication Model.
Cost: $250

Leadership with NLP - an online series

When we have the honor of leading others, respecting their model of the world is very important. in this online series you will learn tools to understand and lead others more effectively. Watch the first episode for free. 

Sales with NLP - an online series

NLP Sales

In this online series you will learn dynamic influencial skills from NLP including identifying communication styles, using unconscious filters and state management. Watch the first episode for free. 

Upcoming Training

Since 1994, The Worldwide Institutes of NLP have been offering NLP training throughout the world. All of our courses exceed the international minimum requirements of NLP and contain all required elements, including Timeline, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Coaching.

Our programs are all lead by one or both of our NLP Master Trainers – Dr. Heidi Heron & Laureli Blyth.