NLP in Coaching

If you are a Coach or you are exploring Coaching, this is the page for you. NLP has many dynamic skills to use NLP in Coaching and we have collated a variety of options for you to learn more. Please feel free to download, watch, experience and explore the learning elements we have here for you.  

Below you will find the following categories of information: 

  • Short videos 
  • Downloadables 
  • Longer videos and series

 For more knowledge, skill development and tools to use in your life, we invite you to join us at our next NLP Certification training

you must learn nlp156 Ways Learning Neuro Linguistic Programming Will Improve Your Life

Short Video

The following short videos are from Dr. Heidi’s YouTube Channel – for more, please visit NLP with Dr. Heidi on YouTube.



We invite you to learn more about NLP  & Coaching with the following download options.


So, You Want To Be A Coach

Written by Dr. Heidi Heron PsyD, this 57-page eBook is an insightful and honest look into what coaching is, what it takes to be a great coach and how to become a coach. 

Coach Training Prospectus

Want to know more about the ICF credentialed NLP Coach Certification? Grab the Training Prospectus now.

NLP Map to Success

Find out how you will best be able to use NLP to create success in your life. Download your 27 page Success Map now. 

Longer Videos & Series

The following videos will offer you even more insight into using NLP in Coaching and with others. Some require sign-up or purchase to access higher levels of online training.

Online Coaching Starter

The Online Coaching Starter Training will introduce you to useful coaching skills including rapport, powerful questions and the Well-Formed Outcome technique. Join us too for online Zoom Practice calls.

Cost: Free

Communication Essentials

NLP Communication Essentials

NLP is a must-have set of tools when it comes to communication. In series you will learn how to build rapport, be sensory acute, ask powerful questions, watch eye accessing cues and the NLP Communication Model.
Cost: $250

NLP Coach Demonstrations

Watch Dr. Heidi in action as she demonstrates the modality of NLP in 8 seperate Coaching sessions wiht 4 clients in pre-recorded Coach Demonstration. 

Introduction to Coaching

Watch the 20 minute introduction to NLP Coaching information session now – no sign up required.