NLP in Personal Growth

There are so many ways to learn about NLP and how you can use these dynamic skills in your life. On this page, we offer you many options to gather more information and skills about Using NLP for your Personal Growth. Please feel free to download, watch, experience and explore the learning elements we have here for you.  

Below you will find the following categories of information: 

  • Short videos 
  • Downloadables 
  • Longer videos and series

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you must learn nlp156 Ways Learning Neuro Linguistic Programming Will Improve Your Life

Short Video

The following short videos are from Dr. Heidi’s YouTube Channel – for more, please visit NLP with Dr. Heidi on YouTube.



We invite you to learn more about NLP with the following download options.


Building Self Love

Guided Audio with Dr. Heidi Heron

Self love is one of the keys to a happy life. In this audio program you will learn the aspects to self love, why many people are unable to give themselves unconditional self love and elements of creating a strong self-love.

Be an Attraction Magnet

Guided Audio with Dr. Heidi Heron

Becoming an Attraction Magnet is one of the first steps to creating the life you really want to live. If you can dream it, and it is possible for someone else, then there is every possibility that it is possible for you too.

Personal Power

Guided Audio with Dr. Heidi Heron

When you live with Personal Power as a way of being, you can then be completely in control of your emotions, choices, behaviour and life and learn to keep it and use it to help you live your best life.

NLP Map to Success

Find out how you will best be able to use NLP to create success in your life. Download your 27 page Success Map now. 

Empowering Health

Guided Audio with Laureli Blyth

Discover and revitalize the power within that has been buried under the energy of the unforgiving part of you. As you release and let go you regain your own personal power and your life can regain its enthusiasm and drive.

Inner Self Reflections

Guided Audio with Laureli Blyth

Journey through the Cosmos with Laureli and let yourself release attitudes and feelings that are holding you back through a detachment process, allowing you to get into a state of attraction to draw in what you want. 

Reveal Hidden Treasure

Guided Audio with Laureli Blyth

Build inner confidence and establish peace and clarity as you integrate the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual you. You can uncover your buried treasures within to allow you to have integration in body, mind and spirit. 

Longer Videos & Series

The following videos will offer you even more insight into using NLP in your life. Some require sign-up or purchase to access higher levels of online training.

7 Day Intro to NLP

 In this Free 7 Day online introduction to NLP course you will receive 7 videos delivered to your inbox over 7 days.

NLP Overview Series

Gain even more insight with our Online NLP Intro & Overview Series. Over 3 15 mintue videos and download options, find out how you can learn to use NLP to create more happiness in your life.

Belief Busting with NLP

NLP & Leaderships

When we have the honor of leading others, respecting their model of the world is very important. in this online series you will learn tools to understand and lead others more effectively. Watch the first episode for free. 

Building Personal Power

In this simple online series you’ll access 5 short videos aimed at helping you to connect to your own personal power. Dr. Heidi will guide you through NLP techniques  to step into the best version of yourself. 

Upcoming Training

Since 1994, The Worldwide Institutes of NLP have been offering NLP training throughout the world. All of our courses exceed the international minimum requirements of NLP and contain all required elements, including Timeline, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Coaching.

Our programs are all lead by one or both of our NLP Master Trainers – Dr. Heidi Heron & Laureli Blyth.