Welcome to the NLP Intro & Overview Series

Hello and welcome,

Learn NLP NLP WorldwideWe are delighted to have this opportunity to share NLP with you and help you to gain more insight into this wonderful technology.

We designed this series to share more about NLP from a personal development perspective with you. We know that the more you know, the better you can do – we hope to share some tools, concepts and skills with you that you can start to apply in your life straight away.

As you may be aware, the tools of NLP are so very useful and versatile in so many aspects of life! Parenting, leadership, time management, emotions, personal growth, mindset, teaching and more!!!

Below you will find all three videos that are a part of the series, plus a variety of downloads and more opportunities to learn NLP with us.

We are so excited to share some great skills and tools with you – be sure to ask us any questions you might have!

We hope to meet you one day in one of our NLP trainings!

Laureli & Heidi

Introducing Neuro Linguistic Programming

We’re sure you realise it now but you’re about to embark on an incredible journey. You see, once you know how to use NLP in your life you become a different person…

I don’t know how to explain it, but there’s an eery sense of power and accomplishment that comes from being able understand how the mind works, how NLP can help you to create more happiness and success using the tools of NLP to make a difference – starting today. 

Ordinary people don’t do that sort of thing… but who wants to be ordinary? 🙂

In this first video we answer the most common question I hear about NLP, which is: “What is NLP and is it relevant to me” …and we share with you three great take away tools that you can use straight away: rapport, the NLP Formula and the 3 A’s!

Creating Happiness

For most of our students we learn that the biggest impacts learning NLP creates in their life from is from learning to manage their state and changing unresourceful patterns.

In this next video we’re looking at 4 interference to happiness and what you can do about them!  You’ll get tools that will help you to:

  • Understand how NLP will help you in all areas life
  • Find a Desired State
  • Identify unresourceful patterns
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Manage your State more effectively
  • Limit your negative self talk

Creating Success with NLP

In this final video we answer the most common question we hear about NLP, which is: “What is NLP and is it relevant to me” … and we shared great info about using NLP in your own life, in business and with others as a Coach or Therapist – PLUS we took a look at Eye Patterns and a few Indirect Hypnotic Suggestions you can use anywhere in life!   In fact, here’s what we’re covering next:


  • Understanding how NLP works
  • Eye Patterns
  • Hypnotic Indirect Suggestions you can use in everyday conversation
  • NLP skills for your personal growth, business and working with others
  • How to get certified in NLP

Whats next….

Thank you so much for joining for this NLP Introduction & Overview Series. We truly hope you’ve been able to take away some great information, tools and skills that you can use in your life right away.

And, this is just the beginning. We haven’t even scratched the surface of what you can do with NLP! Of course, we’d love to share more of our world of NLP with you soon. Here are a few options for what comes next:


NLP Practitioner Certification

NLP Success Map



30 Days to NLP

NLP Level 1 Training
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NLP Success Map
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Your Questions Answered

benefits-of-effective-questions-800x448-300x168Throughout the years we’ve been asked a lot of questions, here are some of the most commonly asked questions, and our answers to them. If you’ve got more questions for us about NLP, please let us know and we’d be more than happy to help!

Email: info@nlpworldwide.com
hone: +61 2 9264 4357

QUESTION: Are there any pre-requisites to the NLP training?

ANSWER: ABSOLUTELY NONE! And, since you’ve already watched these videos you are actually ahead of the game!

When you enrol we will send you access to our Student Membership Site where you will be able to access our 30 Days to NLP book that you can start reading right away. This is one of the texts we use in the class. But, other than that, nothing to do! 🙂 Easy hu?

Here is a link with more info about what is covered in the course: Learn NLP

QUESTION: I don't want to be a Practitioner of NLP. Which course should I be doing?


THIS ONE! This is online version of our NLP Practitioner Certification – everything is covered online, and you can complete the program Anywhere you are!

If you do want to become a coach, we have a program for that too through our LIVE training program, and our next course starts dates – check out our website: https://nlpworldwide.com/schedule/

Want some more info about using NLP as a Coach or Therapist?

QUESTION: When does the online program start?

ANSWER: EASY!  You can start Right Now. You’ll have a total of 3 months of learning with us over 4 modules and 35 individual lessons.

QUESTION: What kind of support do you offer for the online training?

ANSWER: Over the three months of learning with Anywhere NLP – you’ll have direct contact with me (Heidi) in the form of online discussion boards and group coaching calls. In the first two months of the program, we will have a total of 4 group coaching calls scheduled so that you can ask questions, get first-hand information, learn more about NLP and get group interaction!

You’ll also be able to email anytime and I’ll get back to you right away!

QUESTION: How am I going to benefit from learning NLP?

ANSWER: We’ve talked a lot about this in the videos – there are so many great benefits for learning NLP. Most of all – getting to really know you and being able to take charge of your life! We have a few downloadable documents that will help you to see the direct benefits for:

This will give you even more info about what you can use NLP for in your life! 🙂

QUESTION: Can I be certified as an NLP Practitioner online?

ANSWER: So far, no. For a training to be a recognised NLP Practitioner Certification the minimum requirement in the world is at least 7 days face-to-face training. This program however covers ALL of the content of our live trainings – just without the hands on supervision and skill development. Many students who attend our online training with Anywhere NLP continue to complete their NLP Practitioner Certification after they are done.

You will however be eligible to complete an online assessment to receive a Certificate of Completion of this course!