NLP Trainer TRaining

The official name of this Level 3 NLP training is NLP Trainer & Consultant Certification. We know that a trainer in any field is also an exceptional consultant, and a consultant is also a great trainer. Therefore, this two-streamed training will also assist you in gaining outstanding marketing, sales, negotiation, consulting and facilitation skills.

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If you are a coach, trainer, teacher, presenter, consultant, facilitator, therapist, counsellor, sales professional, or just want to jump into the next level of NLP, this is it

You’ve been in the presence of a trainer or facilitator who spoke directly do you, haven’t you? They left a lasting impression, not just about their topic and who they are, but who you are and who you can be, didn’t they? How did that do that? And how do you do that? 

These are some of the questions we want to answer in this 14-day training program.

Never have you before been stretched or rewarded so much in a training. You won’t be learning more NLP techniques, you will be learning how to train, facilitate, explain, coach, consult, and teach USING the modality of NLP.

Choose Your Training

17-30 September 2022
Winterpark, CO - USA

Space is limited, secure your seat now

Join us for our USA 2022 NLP Trainer Training in Winterpark Colorado. We will hold this residential training program at Beaver Village, a short walk from the main town of Winterpark.

Tution: $10,950USD, payment options available
tuition includes 13 nights accommodation

Pre-requisite: NLP Master Practioner

Registration: please contact our Student Coordinator

9-22 March 2024
Sydney, Australia

Earlybird tuition until December 2022

Join us for our 2024 NLP Trainer Training in Sydney, Australia. We will hold this residential training program at our NLP headquarters in Sydney with apartment accommodation nearby.

Tution: $10,950AUD, enrol by Dec 22 for only $9,450
tuition includes 13 nights accommodation

Pre-requisite: NLP Master Practioner

Register: $500 deposit required nothing to pay until 2023

The final level of NLP Certification will take you to unconscious competence with NLP for you personally, in your business and in your delivery of NLP. If you want to fully embody NLP in your personal life, or if are looking to be an NLP Coach or Therapist, if you want to use NLP in a Training situation, apply with many people at once in training, leadership, negotiation, consulting or if you want to Train NLP Certification courses – this is the next course for you. 

During the two weeks of this training, you will greatly increase your personal development, confidence, consulting, design, delivery and training skills! This is an internationally recognised NLP Certification course, at the successful completion of this program, you will be awarded a Certification as an NLP Trainer.

The expected outcomes – more confidence, more elegance as a trainer, better comprehension – learning – understanding by your students, students who RAVE about you as a trainer (because you are talking directly to them, aren’t you?)

It gives you the certification to train NLP Practitioners if you want to – most of our students don’t want to – they are using NLP to enhance and improve what they are currently doing or what they desire to do.

Some of the best feedback and growth have come from people who already train professionally in other areas (leadership, sales, products, services, etc.) – the feedback is usually something along the lines of ‘I didn’t know I would learn and develop so much’…


Who Is This Training For?

This course is open to any trained NLP Practitioner with a desire to build more competence with the skills of NLP. Ultimately, the person who will benefit most from this training will be anyone working in the field of Human Resources, Training and Development, Education, Sales, Marketing, Coaching, Consulting and Change Management.

Often, people tell us that they do not desire to train or present yet wonder if they would benefit from NLP Trainers Training. We answer with an astounding Yes! Trainers training allows the participants time and skills to become unconsciously skilled in NLP, therefore being even more able to walk-the-talk of NLP. 

What Will You Take-Away?

We have been asked countless times about what makes this NLP Trainer Certification different than the same type of program offered by other NLP trainers. In fact, we’ve been asked what makes our training style in general different to others. We find this a simple question.

We use NLP to train NLP and in our NLP Trainers & Consulting Certification we teach you to do the same. 

In these 14-days you are earning how to use NLP to train, facilitate, coach, design, deliver anything. We unpack the methodology of using NLP to develop and train, consult and coach. You will learn how to format trainings, how to use representational systems, anchors, hypnotic language, meta programs and metaphors to train and reach your audiences’ unconscious mind.

You’ll learn how to use the stage and create spatial anchors, how to build group rapport, how to manage the group, how to manage your own state, how to test and assess for competency, how to know if you should be training, consulting or coaching; and what the difference is between them. 


Can I have some more info?

You bet! We invite you to download our NLP Trainers Training Course Info now so you can learn more about NLP Worldwide and our training.

We’d love to have an informal chat to see if our training meets what you are looking for, so please share a little more about yourself and your journey with us.

Nai Ann Lee

Health Coach & Integrative Practitioner

I did the NLP Trainer Trainer to become an excellent trainer and learn how to best put workshops together. I surprised myself! I didn’t know I could do impromptu presentations, I feel so much more confident in myself, and I am an even better speaker, presenter and trainer. I will use these skills to put together group/corporate workshops, and a few series to better sell my services.

Tabatha Kattau

NLP Therapist, Coach & Facilitator

I wanted to be able to bring my real self to any training in a way that transforms people and has them wanting to help others to do the same. I learned so much! The overall format, spatial anchors, gesturing, metaphors, and more! I now have the confidence to step up and know that I can handle any training or speaking with ease. This training is really a true hero’s journey!

Gab Mezzatesta

NLP Coach

I have found a side of me with the capabilities to know that I have the strength to become an influential guide. The structure of this training was amazing! I now know how to hold my presence on stage (and everywhere), and have changed some tiny things about how I speak and act. I have grown inside – I have so much more clarity about what and how I want to do.

Lisa Wegemund

Counsellor, NLP Coach

I joined the NLP Trainers Training to really get NLP in my muscle and to increase my knowledge and new skills. What I learned has helped me to organise my thoughts so much! I’ve increased my confidence in speaking with groups, and showed me that I can talk “off the cuff” if asked! I feel so much more comfortable being the centre of attention! No palm sweats, no racing heart – just cool, calm confidence! 

Ethan See Eng Kiat

University Lecturer, Teacher & NLP Coach

I joined this training to enhance my training skills, one day I may train an NLP course! I gained enhanced presentation and communication skills (gestures, spatial anchors, handling critics). I can trust my unconscious mind for impromptu speaking and I have learned great training and presentation skills that I will use in my teaching. 

Marcha Alexander

Marketing Specialist & NLP Coach

I wanted to gain unconscious competence, deepen my knowledge, and uncover the magic within me. I found my voice in this training! My main takeaways were self-expression, presentation format, being heard, and uncovering aspects of myself for public speaking. I feel free to express myself publicly, my speaking skills have improved dramatically and I’ll use my new skills for more marketing training. It is transformative learning at its core – life-changing to unleash your self-expression!

Upcoming Training

Since 1994, The Worldwide Institutes of NLP have been offering NLP training throughout the world. All of our courses exceed the international minimum requirements of NLP and contain all required elements, including Timeline, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Coaching.

Our programs are all lead by one or both of our NLP Master Trainers – Dr. Heidi Heron & Laureli Blyth.