When you judge another person (and let’s face it, we all judge other people), do you judge them based on the behaviours you have observed or the intention of those behaviours?

Interesting question isn’t it? Most likely, you are basing your decision, judgement or assessment of someone on the behaviour you have witnessed. But, what if you were to understand that people are not their behaviours?

Think about a bad behaviour you recently did… maybe you exhibited anger, or didn’t go to the gym, or told a white lie.

Do those behaviours make you that person? Are you an angry person? A lazy person, a liar? No. Those are your behaviours, not your identity.

But, most of the time, the only thing we, as outsiders have to go on, is what we can observe – and that is most often someone’s behaviours.

Did you know however, that every behaviour has a positive intention? That’s right – with NLP you will learn how to identify the positive intention behind any behaviour; your own or someone else’s. This information will give you an understanding and insight into a person’s beliefs, choices, filters, decisions and capabilities. Once you have a better understanding of what is happening unconsciously to create the behaviour you’ve witnessed, it makes it a lot easier to empathise, not judge, communicate and generally understand another person.