Student Coaching Sessions

As part of your NLP Bonus Pack you have Six Coaching sessions for your personal use. We added these sessions for you because we know that most great coaches also have a coach!

You can use these sessions to work on person things (clearing interferences, boosting resources, etc), or you may choose to use these sessions to gain more clarity about creating your coaching business, and some people use their sessions to get extra tuition about their NLP skills. It’s up to you.

They can be via Zoom or by phone and are 1 hour in duration and will be facilitated by one of our in-house coaches.  Simply choose your coach below and book in your sessions!

Our Coaching Team

nlp coach tammy

Tammy Biton

Tammy has spent a lifetime studying the human psyche – from the eastern and spiritual philosophies through to modern psychology and neuroscience. After transforming her own life using the tools of NLP, Tammy left her career in the corporate world to help pursue her passion, helping others to life their life by design rather than default.

Her passion is for helping people to heal old trauma and reconnect with themselves, building a deeper sense of self love, connecting more deeply  and intimately with others and strengthen their relationships.

She is credentialed with the ICF as a Professional Certified Coach, holds a Diploma of Modern Psychology, Certificate in Life Coaching, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainers Certification and is one of our Coach Trainers here at NLP Worldwide.  


Sandip Mukherjee

Sandip is a certified ICF coach, certified Master Practitioner of NLP, and member of the NLP Association of Australia. He lives with his wife and son in Sydney.

 Sandip understood quite early in his life, that his strength and passion lied in his natural ability to help people and teams break the barrier of limiting beliefs and function at their highest potential. 

After spending a decade in the Army,  he did an MBA from Nanyang Business School, Singapore and moved into the corporate world, working in several consulting roles. After a few years in the corporate world, he felt that the time had come to turn his lifelong passion into full-time profession and became a Life Coach. With a combination of years of unstructured learning through experiences and life lessons in the Armed forces, business firms and life, and formal trainings in the military, b-school and NLP world,  he is equipped to help people professionally and personally.

Driven by an inclination towards spirituality, he helps his clients to dive deep into their own subconscious, to identify and clear blocking patterns that hold them back, and help them reach limitless goals in life, profession or relationship.


Amy Vickers

Trained as an Aviation Technician in 2006 and subsequently an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for the Australian Navy, Amy gravitated towards the personal and professional development of others. Amy’s life and career experiences have been both diverse and challenging, providing an insight into key areas impacting individuals and a variety of workplaces.

Amy is an experienced leader, facilitator and coach, her services have been effective at all organisational levels ranging from junior, middle, senior management. Particularly individuals seeking clarity on career milestones or transitions. As an active advocate for Veteran wellness, Amy has leadership involvement in national Veteran recovery and support initiatives (Buddy Up Australia and Trojans Trek) making transformational changes for Veterans, Emergency Services and their families. 


Jovan Medrano

Jovan is not your ordinary coach. With certifications in ICF coaching, NLP master practitioner, and NLP training and consulting, he’s a powerhouse of expertise. But he doesn’t stop there! Jovan is on a mission to help coaches and therapists like you unleash your inner magnetism and turn your audience into raving clients.

Since diving into the entrepreneurial world back in 2009, Jovan has been a marketing maverick, reveling in the creative side of the business. When he’s not busy helping coaches level up their game, you can find him on the tennis court, hopping from one café to another, or blissfully indulging in popcorn while getting lost in a captivating movie.


Miranda Kuijsten

Miranda, is originally from The Netherlands and moved to Sydney with her husband in 2015 to start a new chapter of our life.  Having started learning NLP in 2009 intending to improve her communication she then completed her NLP Practitioner in 2013 and Master Practitioner in 2014.  She has since done all the training with NLP Worldwide, including Trainers Training.

 Her purpose is to coach and support you in what you want in life so that you can achieve your dreams and create and live your best life!

She would love to be your student coach to guide you away from what isn’t working for you anymore and towards where you want to go.


Karen Lee

Karen Lee is a dedicated coach who skillfully uses the influence of words and thoughts to spark meaningful change when you’re ready to explore. Drawing from her own transformative experiences, she’s deeply committed to guiding others toward fulfilling growth. With Karen, coaching feels like a conversation between friends, set within a nurturing and supportive environment. Boasting three decades as a successful business owner – a venture she recently sold – Karen now extends her expertise as a massage therapist and coach. Whether you’re charting change in a personal or professional path, Karen provides the insights and encouragement you need to flourish.