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There is just so much to know when it comes to NLP! It can be used in so many different aspects of life, and we want to share this with you. Each month our NLP Master Trainers Laureli Blyth or Dr. Heidi Heron share an NLP topic for those who are interested and already trained in NLP.

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About the Next webinar:

  • Date: Tuesday, January 2, 2018
  • Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm EST (Sydney)
  • Cost: Free

This webinar will be recorded – if you cannot attend live please register and we will send you a link to the recorded webinar to watch at your leisure.

Webinar Archive

Here you can watch past webinars and learn more about NLP from our NLP Trainers Laureli Blyth & Dr. Heidi Heron PsyD. To navigate, simply scroll below for the most recent webinars or choose a category. Most webinars are 30-60 minutes in length.


Webinar Categories

April 2016 – NLP & Parenting

NLP contains tons of skills that will assist you to be the best parent you can be. In today’s webinar we investigate some of those tools that will help you to build rapport, be better understood, create and manage your states and better identify with your kids (of all ages, even adults and husbands!)


December 2015 – Exploring Meta Programs

Meta Programs in NLP are the unconscious filters we use to make sense of the world. When you can understand your own and other peoples’ Meta Programs you can communicate more effectively, understand better and respect their model of the world. In todays 30 minute webinar we look at 3 Meta Programs.

April 2015 – Finishing the NLP Puzzle by NLP Planet

Now that you are trained in NLP, how are you using your skills? Laureli and Heidi have found that many people think that if they are not asking someone else to ‘close their eyes’ they aren’t using NLP. In this webinar, you will be reintroduced to your NLP skills that you use every-day!

This webinar was a part of the 2014 Second Online NLP Conference put on by NLP Planet. Join Dr. Heidi Heron, PsyD for this exploration of how you can finish the NLP puzzle.

March 2015 – Working with Submodalities

Submodalities are the building blocks of our thoughts. When we understand how a thought is created we can unpack it, rearrange it and create something new. In this webinar we will help you gain a better understanding of how this tool can be used in everyday life.

February 2015 – Exploring Meta Programs

The unconscious filters we use which determines how we get motivated, how we make decisions, what grabs our attention, how long it is held, how we fall in love and how we live our lives are known as Meta Programs. In this webinar we will explore 6 Meta Programs which will make a difference in how you communicate with and understand others and yourself.

December 2014 – Cognitive Flexibility with NLP

A presupposition of NLP is “the person with the most flexibility will control the situation” – in this webinar we will be investigating NLP tools that will help you to be more flexible in your thinking and behaviour. Join Dr. Heidi from NLP Worldwide for an exploration of creating Cognitive Flexibility.

June 2013 – Maintaining Motivation

As a continuation from our popular webinar in May “Overcoming Procrastination Once and For All” we will be delivering a one-hour webinar specifically looking at the Meta Programs (unconscious filters) that will help to keep you motivated.With this added information coupled with Accountability – your goals won’t know what has happened to you!

Amaze friends, get things moving in your life and stay on track to achieving your goals!

May 2013 – Overcoming Procrastination Once and For All

Deep down, you know the truth. You know what you should be doing. It’s not that you don’t have enough time or that you’re too busy. There’s no true obstacle… except yourself.. Lead by NLP Master Trainer Heidi Heron with guest Peter Shallard, The Shrink for Entrepreneurs, you will learn some skills and tools to finally get you moving once and for all!

March 2013 – Sales with NLP

This webinar will provide you with some NLP tools and attitudes to assist you in creating and making sales. Sales is more than persuasion, there is an ‘art’ to creatively communicating and knowing how to open and close a sell. During this hour we will explore 3 NLP tools that you can implement immediately.

December 2012 – New Year with NLP

The approaching New Year is a great opportunity to reflect on the year that was and use some NLP tools to help you to make 2013 even better! In this webinar, you will learn not only how NLP can help you to harness the greatness into your year and you will be lead through a few NLP exercises!

November 2012 – Authenticity with NLP

Being authentic, true, congruent, you… is true freedom. NLP is an exceptional tool that can be used to help you to find your true, authentic self. In this webinar we will explore what your meanings of Authenticity are and build some pathways to help you move closer to this part of yourself.

October 2012 – Using NLP as a Therapist

NLP is an exceptional tool to use as a Therapist – in fact, it is one of the fastest growing psycho-therapeutic tool available. As an NLP Therapist – you are tapping into a world of infinite possibility for your clients. By understanding how their unconscious mind works and how we can so easily create our patterns and programs, we can also understand how to change emotions, behaviours, thoughts, habits and actions.

July 2012 – Change Your Thinking Change Your Life

“By changing the inner attitudes of the minds, you can change the outer aspects of your lives.” Williams James American psychologist and philosopher 1890.

Everyone knows that when you change your thinking it changes your life. However many just don’t know how to effectively do just that. They sometimes live for years consciously knowing the interferences, blocks that hold them back, yet are seemingly powerless to solve their dilemmas.During our one hour webinar we will explore some mind altering revelations that can make a difference to your thinking. Find out how to understand how your mind works, so you can work with it. Learn some amazing NLP techniques to train your brain and thoughts so you can change your life.

June 2012 – Building Rapport with NLP

The Rapport skills of NLP are widely known and highly regarded throughout the business world. However, so many people haven’t learned how to use these skills appropriately and effectively. In this workshop you will learn the art of rapport – when to use it, how to use it and even how to break rapport when needed. This is a great skill to use with your family, colleagues, friends, customers and even yourself.

November 2011 – Exploring NLP and Intuition

Understanding how you gather and use information is a fundamental aspect of NLP. During this webinar we will look at one powerful method of communication which comes from your higher conscious mind. This is the doorway to your intuition and wise inner adviser where inspiration, answers and understanding lie. Discover how people listen to their intuition and how many great pioneers, inventors, writers used their intuition to solve problems and find inspiration. Learn some methods to opening your channel of communication to your intuition.

October 2011 – Investigating People with NLP

The tools of NLP offer a great knowledge and skill at understanding ourselves and others. When we have the opportunity to know more we can do better. In this webinar we will be looking at a variety of Meta Programs that will help you to better understand yourself, your family, children, co-workers, friends, colleagues and just about anyone else you wish to understand.

September 2011 – Improving Your Health with NLP

NLP is a tool with vast approaches. In the webinar, we will discuss using the Mind-Body connection of the unconscious mind to help promote mental, physical and emotional health. We will explore how NLP can assist you to improve your daily and long-term health. If it is a headache, backache, fatigue, weight loss, smoking, cancer, aches and pains or depression, anxiety or phobias that you live with – NLP can help you know more and do better.

July 2011 – Communicating with NLP

The number one aspect that NLP is known for is improving communication. In this webinar we will be looking at some of the key skills of communication and building rapport with the skills of NLP. You will be able to apply these NLP skills in your workplace, with your family and friends and with yourself.

June 2011 – NLP for Parents & Teachers (and anyone, really!)

It has been said that as parents we are raising our grandchildren! This is because your children are learning from you how to be parents!

In this webinar we will look at some of the NLP skills which are imperative for parents and teachers to understand. Communication skills, questionning and anchors will be amongst the topics in this webinar. The more you know, the better you can do!

April 2011 – Using NLP as a Coaching & Therapeutic Tool

When NLP was developed in the early 1970’s, the founding group modelled the best-of-the best in psychotherapy at the time. NLP contains many skills and tools to assit people in a coaching and therapy manner; in this webinar we will be sharing with you the foundation of NLP as a Coaching or Therapeutic tool.

If you are new to NLP, Coaching or Therapy you will find this webinar very valuable to your next step in learning. If you are already educated in NLP, you will find many new distinctions between coaching and therapy and gain new skills to working with others using NLP.

February 2012 – Success in 2012 with NLP

With February here, you know by now which goals you’ve set are absolutes and which need a bit of help. In this webinar you will learn how to use some NLP techniques to identify interferences, how to set well-formed outcomes, identify resources you have and need and get some hands-on approaches to making 2012 your most successful year yet!

February 2011 – Using NLP in Business

About this webinar: NLP is one of the most diverse tools available to us today. In business if you want to increase your sales, motivate your staff, recruit better people, increase employee morale, communicate more effectively, be more creative, facilitate better meetings, improve negotiation skills, plan and set goals more effectively. NLP can help.

In this webinar we will discuss a few of the key NLP tools that can help you in business. As a manager, employee, business owner or entrepreneur – you will find something worthwhile from this webinar to take away with you!