What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of tools used to understand a persons unconscious programming; that is why we do what we do.

Ultimately, NLP helps you to understand how the language of the mind creates the programs we run in life. We have programs (or patterns) of emotion, beliefs, and thoughts – these determine our behaviours, outcomes, communication and more, for everything we do.

By understanding this, you can communicate more effectively, enhance/change you own unconscious programming, and help others to do the same.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), is a set of tools and concepts developed after modelling a variety of therapists and great thinkers in the 1970’s. Something they all did in their own unique way was work directly with the unconscious, non-thinking mind to help their clients create changes in their attitude, beliefs, behaviours, and responses. From this modelling came a variety of tools that can be used in just about every aspect of life. 

Ultimately, with NLP you are learning how your mind works – and in turn other people’s minds. In essence everything we interact with (see, hear, touch, taste, smell, think) creates a chemical reaction which triggers a response. What if you can learn how to purposefully alter those chemicals and therefore your responses? That, is NLP. 

This remarkable set of tools is based on the amazing discovery that in changing how you think can change what you think – and in changing how and what you think, you can dramatically transform the results you create in your life. 

The moment a person recognises the power of their mind, the individuality of their thinking, the control of their thoughts – they are able to transform the world.


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HOw Can I Use NLP?

We’ve been training NLP since 1994, and we are yet to find an aspect of life that NLP isn’t useful for! What our students tell us, is how they use NLP boils down to three areas:

Your Personal Growth

Humans are the only mammal that gets in its own way. By learning NLP you are gaining a user manual for the brain, this will help you to make better choices, manage your emotions, control your thoughts, change your beliefs and boost your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love. In turn, you'll be a better partner, parent, friend, leader - YOU!

NLP in Business

Leaders, managers, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, lawywers, and many more professions have greatly benefited from learning NLP. Improving your communicaton skills, enhancing your confidence, becoming more influential, tapping into your creativity, and achieving goals are all things you will gain by adding NLP into your business skillset.

NLP with Others

Anyone in the helping profession will benefit from learning NLP to better address the unconscious patterns of their clients. This includes coaches, therapists, counsellors, teachers, trainers, doctors, personal trainers, and anyone working within the field of allied health. NLP looks past the symptoms of a person and digs down to work on the cause level.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification
NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Top 30 Take AwaYs from NLP

  • Know what you want and a path to get there
  • Boost your confidence in any situation
  • Resolve conflicts with ease
  • Easily deal with difficult people
  • Move from a problem to outcome focus
  • Identify between opinions and observations
  • Discover the goals behind your goals
  • Excel in the way you communicate
  • Boost your sales and productivity
  • Develop more creativity and flexibility
  • Create a balance in life
  • Utilise and change your perception of time
  • Be clear about what matters to you
  • Regain control of your life
  • Influence, lead, motivate and empower others
  • Improve your presentation skills
  • Develop and enhance your relationships
  • Assist others with personal change
  • Gather specific information from others
  • Learn to control your emotions
  • Harness your personal self-love
  • Enhance customer service skills
  • Be able to pull out of “stuck states” 
  • Enhance your performance
  • Create your own personal state of excellence
  • Change unwanted patterns in a positive way
  • Clear barriers holding you back financially
  • Become clear about what matters to you
  • Find wholeness
  • Enhance your success 

Upcoming Training

Since 1994, The Worldwide Institutes of NLP have been offering NLP training throughout the world. All of our courses exceed the international minimum requirements of NLP and contain all required elements, including Timeline, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Coaching.

Our programs are all lead by one or both of our NLP Master Trainers – Dr. Heidi Heron & Laureli Blyth.