NLP Workshops – Singapore

Ready to learn more about NLP?

In addition to training NLP Certification courses, we offer a variety of Introductory and Specialised workshops to share more NLP with you. Some of the specialised workshops have pre-requisites of prior NLP learning, you’ll find more information and registration details below.

Introducing NLP Workshops

Date: Saturday,  Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm Tickets: $149.00 Venue: Singapore, One Farrer Hotel & Spa – near Farrer Park MRT Pre-requisite: None
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Bring a friend for only $50. Your ticket includes a light lunch at One Farrer Hotel and Spa.

Discover NLP

In this 1 day workshop you will not only get to meet and interact with your NLP Trainers, you’ll be able to discover the awesome power of your unconscious mind, be introduced to a few of the simple tools within NLP that you can use straight away, identify how language affects the programs we run in life and you’ll get hands-on experience trying on a few tools in pairs or on your own. This workshop mirrors our longer course structure so you can get a true experience of what it is like to learn NLP, but you will walk away empowered with new skills to use right away!

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover what NLP
  • Discover how your unconscious mind works
  • Discover ways to improve life with you verbal and non-verbal interaction
  • Discover how to manage your mood and emotions
  • Discover why you behave, think and react in certain ways
  • Discover tools to create a new behaviour
  • Discover a way to anchor states of excellence
  • Discover how NLP can be used in your life
  • Discover NLP