Before You Commit: 10 Questions to Ask an NLP Trainer

There are a lot of choices out there, some snappy phrases, sexy marketing and amazing promises and tons of NLP Trainers to choose from.

So, how do you choose?

First of all – there are currently a lot of marketing companies masking themselves as NLP training companies. In the field of NLP, we call them Certificate Mills, so lets look at how to spot a Certificate Mill:

  • Promises of income 
  • Multiple certificates in one 
  • Short 2-5 day courses 
  • Really cheap training
  • 50+ participants at one time
  • No affiliation with an NLP Association

You see, NLP isn’t about making money. Sure, you can train to be an NLP Coach or Therapist, but NLP is about modelling excellence so you can be the best version of you!

Some NLP trainings sweeten the deal with providing you multiple certificates (NLP + hypnosis + timeline + coaching), what you should know is that the international standards require all these elements to be taught – if they are not taught, it cannot be an NLP Practitioner Certification.

Internationally, the minimum in-person (live) training is 7 days; the average is 12 days. Anything less than 7 days does not meet the minimum requirements for an NLP training program. The requirement of online NLP training require even more in-person, real-time days to be included.

Currently, the average price for an NLP training is around $4000AUD ($3300USD), if a training is much less than this, you will probably be joining a group of many and miss out on the personal attention required.

Finally, NLP is a very hands-on skill with practice, supervision, feedback, and support. If a course has too many participants, it’s likely that each person is not getting the support, feedback and supervision required to truly embrace and embody the skills of NLP.

Now, what to look for!

Laureli and Dr. Heidi have been training in the field of NLP since 1994, they have seen so many NLP Trainers come-and-go, so they can help you to answer this questions with great ease. The answer:

Find a trainer who meets your needs, who can help you achieve your intentions, who uses NLP outside of the training room and who you have rapport with. 

Look past the bells and whistles, marketing hype and loud music; actually research your NLP Trainer. After all, you’re sending good time and money for a life-time of skills.

We have constructed 10 Questions that would be valuable for you to know more information about. We at the Worldwide Institutes of NLP pride ourselves on being one of the leading and most respected NLP providers in the world. It is better to do your homework and choose a credible NLP training provider than to be disappointed.

Just to be fair, you will find our answers to these questions below.

Good luck in your search for the NLP School and Trainer for you!

If you have more questions that we can help with – email us at info and we’d be more than happy to help! 

10 Questions to Ask an NLP Trainer

How long have the trainers been training NLP?
We started training in 1994 in Sydney, Australia; making us the longest established NLP Training Institute located in Sydney. Laureli, who founded the Australasian Institute of NLP was first trained in NLP in 1983 and utilised her skills in her corporate job and then in an NLP Coaching and therapy capacity until she began training NLP. Heidi  joined the institutes in 2000. In 2002 we expanded to international markets, starting in Singapore and then creating the European and American Institutes of NLP.

How do they use their NLP skills outside of the training room?
Both Laureli and Heidi run their own Private Practices where they use their NLP skills in a Therapeutic and Coaching capacities. In addition, they offer consulting services to business clients and assist them in a variety of areas of corporate growth and change. They also run a corporate training company Training Point International. In addition, both write books and articles about NLP and regularly appear on TV and Radio as professionals in their field. They are the co-authors of 30 Days to NLP the text used in the NLP Worldwide training.

Do you have rapport, respect and a liking for your trainer?
The best way to know this is to meet us in person, on the phone or via Skype. In Sydney we are located on York Street, opposite the QVB in Sydney; you are more than welcome to stop by and meet us anytime. Many of our students travel to Sydney or Singapore to train with us – if that is you, then lets meet on Skype or the phone! It is important that you feel comfortable with us and we encourage you to find this out for yourself.

Can you call, email or drop into see your trainer when you want?
In Australia, we are one of a few NLP Training schools with a commercial premises that you can come to anytime you wish. In addition, we are easily contactable via email or the phone. Before your training or after, our door is always open to you. Our intention is not just to teach you NLP but to help you to use and incorporate NLP into your life in whatever way you choose.

What kind of after course support does your trainer provide?
We feel that your NLP training does not end on the last day of your training. Before your course starts you’ll get access to our Student Membership website where you will access your pre-course learning.  After the training, we provide weekly and fortnightly updates to the Student Membership site where you’ll access articles, exercises, ideas and tips to incorporate NLP into your life. Through the world we offer NLP Practice Groups where you can meet with a group of NLPers and practice some of the process oriented tools of NLP. These practice groups take place face-to-face as well as online. We also send all of our students a newsletter and provide ongoing courses and workshops for our students to help them continually grow their skills. In addition, both of trainers are available in person, on the phone and via email to answer any questions and offer support to you (see after course support for more information). If you desire to start your own NLP coaching or therapy business we can help you in a coaching or Supervision capacity to get to your dream even quicker.

How long are their courses and do the meet the international requirements?
We teach NLP in an accelerated manner using generative learning skills to teach NLP, this training approach helps you to use all of your learnings as you learn NLP.  All of our NLP Certification courses meet and exceed the international requirments. Our Practitioner Certification is 7 or 8 days in length, Master Practitioner is 9 days and our NLP Trainers Training spans 14 days. (See FAQ for more information)

How many people are in one class?
We have a maximum of 20 students in any of our Certification courses. In general, either one or two trainers will facilitate your training and we normally have the assistance of one or more of our past students to help oversee exercises. We pride ourselves in our common-sense and communication style approach to NLP. We want to know more about our students than just their names and usually tailor the various examples we give during your course to the individuals present in the course.

What associations or NLP organisations In your country are your trainers members of?
We are members of many NLP Associations through the world as we are fully supportive of the growth of the industry while meeting and exceeding the training standards set by various organisations. We are members of the Australian Board of NLP (Aust), the NLP Association Singapore, the American Board of NLP (USA) and the NLP Association (UK).

After completing the training can you join any NLP associations or organisations in your country?
After completing our training course you are eligible to join many organisations. We can assist you with information and membership applications to any of the organisations we belong to. In Australia we will provide an application for membership with the NLP Association of NLP and elsewhere in the world we will provide you with information about the NLP Association.

What are the trainers cancellation fees, guarantees and matching programs?
Because our training courses are in high demand, we have a fairly stringent, yet fair cancellation policy. See our Terms & Conditions for more specific information. We also offer a money back guarantee for any workshop or certification course. If for any reason at the end of the first day of your training you are not happy or satisfied with the training you will receive, simply return your manual and text book to us and we will refund any monies paid in full – no questions asked. In addition, we have a Price Matching program which can ensure that if your decision of who you will train with is a monetary decision we will match their price. Certain criteria apply, so please ask us for more information.

All of our NLP Certification courses meet and exceed the minimum standards and international requirements including timeline and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

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