Advanced NLP Affiliate

The NLP Worldwide Advanced Affiliate Partner Program was started as a way to help you to share more NLP with people who may be interested and also increase your own income.

If you wish to share Advanced NLP with your colleagues, friends and family and earn 20% commission on all of the programs that are purchased through you – simply register, access the resources and start sharing!

If you wish to earn commission for other programs, including NLP Practitioner, please explore our standard Affiliate Program: 

How the program works

  1. Once you are registered as an Affiliate member you will be emailed a specific affiliate URL, affiliate partner code and login to the online Affiliate Program resource site.


  2. NLP Worldwide will provide you with you unique sales link which can be shared for people to visit the site and purchase the Advanced NLP Program.  When someone purchases using your link, they will be connected to your account.


  3. When someone enrols online using your specific URL in a NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Coach Certification training course they will be assigned to you as their Affiliate partner as long as they are not already on the prospective student database.
  4. Once an enrolment has been finalised, you will be notified by email, and your online account will be updated accordingly.

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Advanced Skills Affiliate Program 
We invite you to join our affiliate program for our Advanced NLP Skills program. As an affiliate, you will earn a 20% commission on all registrations, paid to you quarterly.  
Once you register we will send you details to access your Affiliate Program login to setup your full account, access specific URL's you can share on your website and other online marketing. You'll also receive artwork you can share on social media to promote the program.  
Simply complete the form below to get started. 

 What and How am I Paid?

  • Commission is tracked for any NEW enrolments for the Online Advanced NLP program who has enrolled online using your specific affiliate URL 
  • Commission is calculated at 20% of the tuition (remembering the program is AUD)
  • Commission is paid on the 20th of the month following the commencement of the training or when the students payment plan has been completed.
  • You can keep track of your commissions earned and paid on the Affiliate Program website. 

Your Questions Answered

We have put together the answers of three of our most asked questions – if you have more questions, please let us know! [email protected] 


Q: Will I earn commission on future trainings the student enrols in?

A: No. We thought long about this one and decided that we don’t want to create a pyramid scheme or any type of pressured ‘sale’ for more advanced trainings. We prefer if people who are interested in continuing to learn choose to themselves.

Q: If someone comes directly to you and enrols will I earn a commission?

A: If you have provided your affiliate partner code before they contact us, yes otherwise it is too hard to track. We have made the decision to not retroactively add partner codes to enrolments, this is a part of the ‘rules’ of the program.

Q: What support do you offer to me as an Affiliate Partner?

A: You will be able to login to the Affiliate Centre where you can download images for your website, email copy and your specific URL. We will also keep you updated in a quarterly email about the training we have coming up.