An online introduction to the Coaching modality Neuro Linguistic Programming

Online via Zoom

Are you serious about adding the most dynamic tools to your coaching toolbox?


The Discover Coaching workshop has been designed to help you know and understand what coaching is, and what it is not; for you to gain insights into the basics of a coaching profession so you can decide whether or not coaching is for you. 








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In this online introduction with one of the world’s most respected NLP & Coach Trainers you’ll learn:

  • Gain an understanding of the modality of Neuro Linguistic Programming as a Coaching Tool
  • Identify how you will personally benefit from learning NLP
  • Find out if you have the qualities of an exceptional coach
  • Watch a live NLP Coaching session and ask questions after about what happened and why
  • Learn how to become an ICF Accredited Coach with the NLP Worldwide Coach Certification Training Program
  • Ask questions in an open forum about coaching or NLP to Master Trainer & Master Certified Coach, Dr. Heidi Heron PsyD

About NLP & Our Coach Training:

Since 1994, we have been training the skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is a creative and must-have modality for any coaches toolbox. At the cusp of the coaching boom, around 2006, we added our Coaching program and have developed one of the most comprehensive and robust Coach Training programs available anywhere.

Unlike many other trainings that add a small amount of NLP into their curriculum, our training is focused on developing coaching skills around your NLP toolbox. We have found this to be the most beneficial way to assist your clients to reach their long term outcomes in the simplest way possible.

We are steadily growing, developing and adapting to ensure that our students receive the most innovative and useful tools, techniques and strategies that are needed to achieve success.


Workshop Dates & Times: 

    Introducing your Trainer – Dr Heidi Heron PsyD

    There’s no one better to share the world of Coaching with you than the esteemed Master Certified Coach, NLP Master Trainer and Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Dr Heidi Heron, PsyD. With over 20 years of NLP training experience and over 13,000 client hours, Dr Heidi is ranked #8 out of the Worlds Top 30 NLP Professionals, and in 2019, #17 out of the Worlds Top 30 Coaches by Global Gurus.

    Adding to her credentials, Dr Heidi is part of the Leadership Team of the NLP Leadership Summit, is a Director and Principal Trainer with NLP Worldwide, and runs her successful NLP Coaching and Therapy practice in Sydney, Australia. She is also the co-chairperson of the Australian Board of NLP, and co-author of the books 30 Days to NLP and You Must Learn NLP.

    ‘My passion is to help people who help people to be their best, most true and authentic self’.

    Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their authenticity and best self.

    Workshop Dates & Times: 

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      This book has been described as “one of the most honest views of becoming and working as a Life, Business, Executive Coach with NLP.” 

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