An insight into the world of NLP & Coaching

If you are thinking about learning NLP and Coaching, this 1-day workshop will be presented by Dr. Heidi Heron, PsyD, Master Trainer in NLP and she will give you an insight and knowledge into the transformational world that is NLP and Coaching. 


  • Saturday, 20 January 2018
  • Sydney CBD, near Town Hall
  • $89.00 per person, including a light lunch

About this workshop

The purpose of this 1-day workshop is to introduce you to the concepts of NLP that are specifically used as a Coaching and Therapeutic modality. We aim to provide you insight into how NLP can be used with others and help you to know if taking a full NLP Certification training is the right decision for you.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how NLP is used as a Coaching and Therapy Tool
  • Identify your personal and professional benefits for learning NLP
  • Watch 2 LIVE Coaching sessions
  • Be involved in a de-brief of the coaching sessions to learn what tools were used and why
  • Find out if NLP is a Coaching tool for you and how to become a Certified NLP Coach with NLP Worldwide

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About Your Trainer – Dr. Heidi Heron PsyD

With over 3500 client hours in the past 20 years using NLP, Dr. Heidi is one of the best resources of NLP in Australia.  She has been running a successful NLP Coaching and Therapy practice in Sydney, Autralia as well as training the dynamic skills of Neuro-Linguistic Programming throughout the world. Her focus is on assisting people to be their best, true, authenic selves – and her passion is to help Coaches and Therapists to do the same with their clients with NLP as their main tool. With Dr. Heidi, you will find a high level of integrity, honour, humour and inspiration. 


Dr. Heidi is currently the chairperson of the Australian Board of NLP and co-author of the books 30 Days to NLP and You Must Learn NLP. 

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at anyone who is looking to learn more about how they can use NLP with others. You may be investigating a career transition to the helping profession of Coaching, or you be currently a therapist, psychologist, counselor, coach, medical practitioner, social worker or teacher.

NLP Coaching can be a very rewarding full or part-time profession, both financially and personally. To assist your clients in achieving their goals, overcome blocks and limitations and help them live their best life can truly give you a sense of accomplishement and it is an honour to be involved in someone else’s journey. With NLP, not only do you gain skills to make an impact on someone else’s life, you can also create massive and positve change in your own life.

Saturday, 20 January – Sydney CBD

including a light lunch

What is NLP from a coaching perspective?

Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. From Life Coaching to Executive Coaching – the thing that sets one coach apart from the other is the modality they use to coach. Of course as a coach, you want to be the best coach you can possibly be, and that is where NLP comes in. Because NLP is an Outcome Based tool it is exceptional to help people to maintain motivation, clear barriers and reach their goals.

It has been found that NLP Coaches:

  • Are able to help their coaching clients 45% faster than traditional coaches
  • Have versatile skills to bridge the gap between coaching and therapy
  • Earn up to 85% more income than non-trained NLP coaches
  • Report more self awareness, better communication skills and better relationships in their own lives

Starting your journey to become a coach or continuing to up skill yourself to be an even better coach has many personal and professional benefits. From a personal standpoint, your own personal communication, relationships, confidence and pathway will become clearer and more enriched. On a professional level, training as a coach provides you a meaningful platform for providing service to others while providing you with personal, professional and financial success.

If you are looking to add to your current coaching skills, become a professional coach, use your coach skills in your current workplace or simply gain qualifications to help others – the core competencies and skills you gain during your training will have a positive impact on your life and others. Our students and graduates use their coaching skills to start their own full-time or part-time coaching practices, many acquire coach skills to enhance their results in their current management or leadership positions and for others it is more of a personal journey and a time for personal growth.

Coaching with NLP

The tools and methodologies of NLP to assist clients in both a therapeutic and coaching aspect. NLP is a very outcome specific coaching tool that encompass skills for identifying goals, creating motivation, clearing barriers for success and creating a clear pathway to helping a client get to their desired state or goal. We differentiate therapy and coaching in the following way:
Coaching: assisting a person to achieve a specific goal through cognitive and behavioural encouragement, motivation, enhancement and change. An NLP Coach may help someone with goals such as weight loss, career change, starting a business, creating wealth, life transition, etc.
Therapy: assisting a person to achieve and maintain a new state of emotional, psychological or behavioural awareness. An NLP Therapist may help someone with a fear, anxiety, depression, stuckness, feelings of worthlessness, unwanted behaviours, etc.
Ultimately your role as a coach will be determined by the clients that you are seeing. Some coaches choose to specialise in a specific area (ie. relationships, executives, men, etc), while others become more ‘generalist’ coaches and adapt their style to the topic of the client. The versatility of NLP skills easily allows for a generalist approach.

Here is a general overview of how NLP works as a Coaching Modality

More and more people are understanding that help is available which can assist them to achieve their goals, get out of their own way and make more progress. All clients walk into coaching with a Present State (where they are now) and a Desired State (where they want to be), but often are lacking the skills and knowledge to bridge the gap.

Most Coaches has skills to identify the PS & DS, yet short of motivation and cheerleading, they also lack the skills to help bridge the gap between PS & DS. This is where NLP Coaching comes in.

NLP Coaching and Therapy
An NLP Coach, has the skills necessary to identify two key concepts: 1) what interferences (beliefs, behaviours, emotions, etc.) might be standing in the way from moving from PS to DS and 2) what resources (skills, attitudes, attributes, etc.) are required to bridge the gap. More importantly, once this information has been elicited, the NLP Coach has the knowledge and skills needed to change or clear interferences and access and build resources. Some of these tools and processes include:
Tools for Clearing Interferences Tools for Accessing Resources
  • Belief Change
  • Unconscious Pattern Change
  • Reimprinting
  • Change Personal History
  • Parts Integration
  • New Behaviour Generator
  • Resources Anchor
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Integrating Anchors
  • Perceptual Positions


This type of Coaching can be used in all facets of life outside of professional coaching. This is why we also have a number of non-professional Coaches who also join us for this training. At our Coach Training courses you will also meet parents, teachers, leaders, managers, HR Professionals and ‘that’ person who is just the ‘go to’ person for all of their friends. With our rigorous training and Coach Specific Training courses, individuals who complete the NLP Coaching Certification are equipped with the skills, tools and knowledge to Coach in any situation.

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Saturday, 20 January – Sydney CBD

including a light lunch