Neuro Linguistic Programming is a very interesting field for understanding yourself and others in many ways. The tools involved in NLP were modeled after top psychologists in the 1970’s and have been designed to be used in communication, change, leadership, personal development, coaching, therapy, parenting, business, education, training and more.
In this half day workshop, we will be exploring some of the useful communication tools of NLP to help you to better express yourself and be understood by others. This workshop is facilitated by our Master Trainers and provides an excellent way to learn more about NLP, connect with some of the tools and concepts of NLP and meet us to see how we train and who we are.

Workshop Details:

Date: Saturday, 11 March, 2017
 9:00am to 12:30pm
$49.00, bring a friend for $20.00

Venue: Sydney NLP Training Centre, CBD 
Pre-requisite: None


The more you know, the better you can do.

Meet Your Trainer

Heidi has been involved with the technology of NLP for most of her life and is an International Master Trainer of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Doctor of Psychology. She has obtained her Doctorate in Psychology; Masters in Adult Education and Bachelor Degrees in Psychology and Communication. Heidi has a background in Corporate Human Resources Management and Personal Development. She has studied NLP with some of the top leaders in NLP and continues to up-skill herself personally and professionally. Heidi has been working in the field of Human Development since 1992. Currently, Heidi holds the role of Chairperson for the Australian Board of NLP ( Heidi is the co-author of the book 30 Days to NLP.

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