Review Your NLP Training

The benefit of reviewing your training is that it gives you the opportunity to learn at a new level, through fresh eyes that have seen it before, but understands it in a new ways! 

We know the power of reviewing your training, and ultimately we would recommend reviewing every few years! We are always updating our training, adding new tools and learning more about NLP ourselves.  To truly create mastery, involve and immerse yourself as much as you can in various tools, trainings, workshops and discussions about NLP. 

As a reviewer, you are again a student and will partake in all exercises, discussions and tasks. The knowledge review assessment is optional as you are already certified in NLP!  This is a very fun, rewarding and beneficial way to refresh and relearn!  

See the NLP Training Schedule to find out when the next trainings are taking place.  

Cost for Reviewing:

Level 1: Practitioner

When did you last train? Your Tuition
0-2 years Free
2-5 years $500
5-8 years  $1100
8+ years $1950


Level 2: Master Prac

When did you last train? Your Tuition
0-2 years Free
2-5 years $500
5-8 years $1300
8+ years $2450


Coaching Foundations

When did you last train? Your Tuition
0-2 years Free
2-5 years $500
5+ years $800



Terms and Conditions for Reviewers

  1. You may only review trainings that you have completed as a participant with NLP Worldwide. 
  2. Reviewers are considered part of the class and are required to be there all days – except for Master Practitioner Client Day or Trainer’s Training Presentation Day which are optional.
  3. Attendance is to be in a timely manner, and any early finishes or late starts cleared with the Trainer(s) beforehand.
  4. Reviewers are expected to participate in all activities, i.e. group discussions and practicing processes.
  5. Reviewers are not required to complete a knowledge review.
  6. As a Reviewer, please be mindful that other students are attending the course for the first time.
  7. Reviewer places are filled based on first-in basis. Your spot is not considered confirmed until you receive a confirmation email, or we receive payment. There is no option to ‘hold’ a spot and if others are able to commit first they will get the place.
  8. Please be aware that should you cancel with less than 30 days’ notice that there is a minimum of $500 payable as a cancellation fee for those reviewing at no charge, or your full reviewer’s fee for all others.