5 Skills Non-NLP Trained Coaches are Missing

We get the question all the time – what is the difference between a ‘normal’ Coach and an NLP Coach? And, we’ve embarked on modelling coaches, both trained in NLP and not to really find the best answer to this question.

We’ve boiled it down to 5 skills that non-NLP trained coaches are missing.

And, these are not run of the mill skills – these are skills that are the key factor in creating a successful outcome with your clients.

Ready to know what you’re missing out on if you haven’t yet jumped on the NLP train?

Directly working with the unconscious mind

Most traditional Coaching programs work with the conscious, thinking mind of clients. Its mostly about identifying goals, strategies, tools and resources to help your client create a plan, stay accountable to the plan and eventually achieve their outcomes. With NLP, we do that – but we’re not so interested in the conscious mind. An NLP trained Coach will look beyond the thinking mind, tap into the unconscious patterns for modelling success, use linguistic patterns to create internal drive and motivation and success beyond what the conscious mind can even conceptualise.

Identifying and clearing unresourceful patterns, emotions, beliefs and thoughts

If a traditional Coach identifies a limiting belief, a negative emotion or an unresourceful pattern, short of asking some questions or helping with reframing or positive thinking, the only real option is to refer the client to someone who can help to change and clear these blocks. An NLP Coach is trained not only to identify blocks, but has an arsenal of tools to help beneficially clear, transform and eliminate these blocks. Some of the tools include collapsing anchors, parts integration, unconscious pattern change, submodality changes and other tools that not only identify what is creating blocks – but where the patterns come from and HOW to change the patterns and remove the blocks.

Self-Coaching skills

‘Apply to others’ is the general rule of most coach trainings; after all, you’re learning skills to use with others, are you not? But again, NLP is different. Yes, your NLP training will give you skills to use with others – but each of these tools can also be applied with yourself. You can coach yourself to achieve goals, remove blocks, build resources and get the most out of your life. After all, as a Coach, don’t you owe it to yourself and your clients to be a model of the work you do?

A systematic structure to go beyond your clients goals

The coach trainings we reviewed and the coaches we modelled that came from traditional coaching had a structure to connect their clients with their goals and create a plan for execution. None of them took into account what happens in a persons life, mind and body outside of the goal. From an NLP Coaching standpoint, an NLP Coach (specifically trained with the NLP Worldwide formula), will have the tools, strategies, concepts and knowledge about how to work with a persons whole being – body, mind and spirit. You will learn a coaching strategy that will take into account the patterns, beliefs, emotions and individual variables that will motivate your client and that will get them stuck. One goal effects a person’s entire life, and NLP takes this into account.

Sponsorship of the awakening of your clients

We’ve found that our clients, even when they engage our services for a straight forward goal, are actually seeing more than that. Too often, with traditional coaching the coach is working with the symptom or the simple goals of a client; which will be useful for short-term gain, but often will not awaken your clients to their true potential. NLP on the other hand, looks beyond what your client brings to you and offers you skills to help your clients awaken to their personal transformation and evolution.

All of this being said – a coach is just a coach, right?

Nope. An NLP trained Coach has so many rich layers of skills and tools to truly assist their client to fully belong, believe and become who they want to be, while uncovering layers from the present and past that may be beneficial as they grow into their true present and authentic self.

Personally, I know without my skills in NLP, I would not be nearly as effective with my coaching clients as I am. It is the awareness and use of working directly with my clients unconscious mind, their patterns, beliefs and internal motivation that helps them the most.

If you’re not yet trained in NLP – check out some of the resources from NLP Worldwide that will help you to know more about NLP, NLP Coaching and how to become an accredited NLP Certified Coach:

NLP Coach Building Blocks

Coach TrainingIf you are serious about developing your Coaching Skills to create excellence for yourself and your clients – the Coach Building Blocks is designed to do just that. If you are already working with coaching or therapy clients – or simply want to expand and refine your tools – this course will help you reach the next level.

Designed to take 6-8 months to compelete, you can start working on the Coach Building Blocks as soon as you have completed your NLP Practitioner Course with The Worldwide Institutes of NLP.  This is an online based, self-directed learning program.

In total, there are 7 blocks plus final assessments. The aim of the program is to help you incorporate and improve your NLP skills into a dynamic NLP Coaching and Therapy Practice.

Additionally, you will be provided access to the following online programs to further develop your skills and knowledge:

“The feedback I recieved during this program showed me where I needed to imporve to be the best for my clients. I’d completed other coach training before that wasn’t half as useful as this!” – Robert Trinity 

About the Program

Each block requires 5-10 hours to complete and will help you to further develop and refine your Coaching Skills through the use of reading, assignments, recording coaching sessions, benchmarking your own sessions and submitting recordings to be benchmarked by an NLP Trainer.

Upon successful completion of the program and assessments, you will have the option to be listed on the NLP Worldwide website as an Associate Coach. With further training and demonstrated client experience, you can be upgraded to Senior Coach.

To help you know more about what the program entails, below is an outline of each block plus the assessment requirements. Each is marked with a symbol to help you know extra elements involved:

Coach Learning

External Website Learning

Extra Reading Material

Video Submission Required

Block 1 – Coaching Foundations

In this block you will further develop your NLP skills of rapport, sensory acuity, representational systems, meta model and hone in on your listening skills. You will be watching a variety of video demonstrations and providing to our learning team a video of yourself demonstrating your Coaching Micro Skills.

Coach Video

Block Assessments
  • 15-20 minute video eliciting a WFO
  • Transcript with self-critique
  • 500 word self assessment paper

Block 2 – Benchmarking 

In this block you will be introduced to our overall benchmarking and assessment tool for your coaching. We will be looking in depth at the competencies an exceptional coach utilises and teach you how to benchmark yourself and others to reach and maintain these levels of coaching excellence. You will watch videos of client sessions and benchmark those sessions, which we will in turn give you feedback about what you are sensory acute to.

Coach Video

Block Assessments
  • Complete Benchmarking Assignments

Block 3 – Coaching Essentials

In this block you will revisit the NLP formula, structures for working with clients, working with frames and the NLP Processes. You will watch video demonstrations of client intakes, pre-framing in sessions and use of NLP techniques with clients and you will submit a video of yourself working with a client.

Coach Video

Block Assessments
  • 30-40 minute video of client summary form
  • Benchmark of your session
  • 10 minute transcription with self-assessment

Block 4 – Mental Health Academy 

In this block you will will use your supplied annual subscription to the Mental Health Academy (included value of $259) to complete a total of 10 courses. 5 of those courses hone in on Ethics and statutory requirements as a Coach or Therapist  as well as learn about various complimentary Psychogical approachings . The final 5 courses will be your choice from topics such as: anxiety disorders, cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, working with children, depression, addiction, managing challenging clients and more.

Coach Learning

Block Assessments
  • Certificate of Completion from required Mental Health Academy Modules
  • Short answer questions about Ethics

Block 5 – NLP Processes & Techniques

In this block you will refresh your knowledge of your NLP Processes and techniques to ensure your competency of choosing the appropriate tool for your client is sharp. You will be working wtih case studies and your own client from previous sessions.

Coach Video

Block Assessments
  • 30-40 minute video of client summary form
  • Benchmark of your session
  • 10 minute transcription with self-assessment

Block 6 – Session KPI

In this block you will revise the session tool of a KPI while watching videos and completing a subsequent session with a previous client.

Coach Video

Pre-Requisite: NLP Master Practitioner & Coaching Foundations

Block Assessments
  • Submit videos of eliciting a KPI
  • 30-40 minute subsequent session with a previous client
  • Benchmark of your session

Block 7 – Advanced Questions

In this block you will review in depth the Meta Model and Meta Questions used to probe and uncover information that has been deleted, distorted and generalised. Advanced Questions are possibly the strongest coaching tool you have.  You will further develop your questioning skills while enhancing your knowledge and practical application.
Coach Video
Pre-requisite: Coaching Foundations

Block Assessments
  • 3 short videos demonstrating your use of advanced questioning
  • Transcription with alternate questions
  • Meta Questions paper with alternate questions

Final Assessments

This is the culmination of the entire program to date. Upon successful completion, you will be awareded with the title of NLP Professional Coach (or Therapist) – and you will have the option to be listed on the NLP Worldwide website as an Associate Coach.

Coach Video
Pre-requisite: NLP Master Practitioner & Coaching Foundations

Appendixes 1 & 2 – Finding You as a Coach & The Business of Coaching

In these appendixes you will start to identify your coaching state and presence, as well as begin your business plan. You will watch interviews with a few coaches, identify your own beliefs, values and identity as a coach. You will read a provided text book and learn strategies for setting up a practice, attracting clients and working as a coach or therapist. By the end of your program you will submit your finalised business plan.

“I love learning! I keep up with my ongoing learning so I know that I’m continuing to develop my skills and be the best I can be for my clients (and myself)!!” – Amy Clark

Ongoing Learning

We pride ourselves on developing NLP Coaches from their initial learning to well into a successful practice. As such, we encourage ongoing learning, supervision and peer-practice.

To keep your listing as an Associate Coach on the NLP Worldwide website, you are required annually to complete 20 hours of oingoing learning and 10 hours of supervision/mentoring with Dr. Heidi Heron or Laureli Blyth.

To upgrade to a Senior Coach, once you have reached 100 documented coaching hours plus 20 hours of ongoing learning, you may apply. Annually, you are required to complete 40 hours of ongoing learning and 10 hours of supervision/mentoring with Dr. Heidi Heron or Laureli Blyth.

To assist you with your onoing learning options, we offer the following:

Expanding Your Coaching Knowledge

In this block you will investigate and research additional Coaching skills through extra reading and discussion questions. You will read one of three specified books and submit your answers to discussion questions about your chosen text. The books you can choose from include: Coach to Awakener by Robert Dilts, Meta Coaching Volume 2 by L. Michael Hall, or  Theory & Practice of NLP Coaching by Bruce Grimley. (books not included in the course tuition).

Coach Reading Coach Video
Pre-requisite: Level 2

Block Assessments
  • Choose Supplementary book to read
  • Submit short answer questions
  • 30-40 min video of 1st session with Benchmarking

Expanding Your NLP Knowledge

In this block you will investigate and research additional NLP skills through extra reading and discussion questions. You will read one of three specified books and submit your answers to discussion questions about your chosen text. The books you can choose from include: Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well-Being by Tim Hallbom & Suzi Smith, Core Transformations by Connirae Andreas, or  Transforming Your Self: Becoming Who You Want to Be by Steve Andreas. (books not included in the course tuition)

Coach Reading Coach Video
Pre-requisite: Level 2

Block Assessments
  • Choose Supplementary book to read
  • Submit short answer questions
  • Short video leading client through new technique

Meta Programs & LAB Profile 

In this block you will learn to easily identify and use the Meta Programs of your clients to better understand, communicate, motivate and work with them. As part of this block you will learn more about Meta Programs by studying the work of our colleague Shelle Rose-Charvet, and will complete your LAB Profile® Practitioner Certification.

Coach Video Coach Learning
Cost: $200

Block Assessments
  • Identify Meta Programs from supplied videos
  • Submit video or audio explaining various processes with specified meta programs
  • Complete the Online LAB Profile Training
  • 30-45 minute video of subsequent session with benchmarking

Clean Language

In this block you will learn more about this add-in Coaching tool with our colleagues James Lawley & Penny Tompkins. You will have access to the Online Introduction to Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling Training to complete this module.

Coach Video Coach Learning
Cost: $200.00

Block Assessments
  • Submit Online Clean Language Certificate
  • 10-15 min video of Clean Language Coaching
  • Short paper of the use of Clean Language in Coaching

Conversational Change Work

In this block you will investigate the advanced conversational tools of Clean Language, Meta Questions, Milton Language, Sleight of Mouth and Conversational Processes. You will watch a variety of demonstration videos and submit a video of a client session.

Coach Video
Pre-requisite: Level 2

Block Assessments
  • 30-45 min video of subsequent session with benchmarking
  • Short paper on the use of Conversational Coaching