This Two-Day Creating Abundance workshop is sponsored by The Blyth Centre for Intuitive Science which was founded by Laureli in 1994.

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in a rut? Does it feel like there are things preventing you from having the things and people in your life you would like?

Universe Gives

Are you sometimes able to manifest and sometimes not? Would you like to have more of what you want and stop struggling with obstacles?

If you have the desire to make a shift, then this Workshop is for you.

NLP Master Trainer and founder of NLP Worldwide is conducting a dynamic 2-day workshop to help you Develop an Abundance Consciousness. She is a Dynamic Manifester who created this workshop over 30 years ago. Laureli wants to share this with others who are ready to shift and connect to their Abundant Prosperous Self.

During this workshop:

  • Discover Your Abundance Consciousness
  • Clear old Beliefs and Blocks that hold you back
  • Connect with your Super Attractor
  • Find useful tools to help you continue your journey of Manifesting

This 2-day workshop is for anyone who is interested in becoming a great manifester.

Previous NLP training is helpful, but not a pre-requisite.

Workshop Details

Date – 17 & 18 April 2021
Time – 10:00am to 5:00pm
Cost – $525 or 2 payments of $275
Location – NLP Training Centre, Sydney CBD

We are not human beings having a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings having a human journey.

Meet Your Trainer

laureliLaureli is Founder and Director of Research and Training at NLP Worldwide in Sydney Australia. Born with psychic abilities, she has explored and developed methods to create the future you want with integration and healing for body, mind, and spirit. She uses practical exercises as well as personal anecdotes in her spell-binding workshop as she blends science, psychology, and spiritual connectedness in a powerful unique way. Laureli has several published books including ‘Neuro Intelligence, Brain Power, Dream Power’ and’30 Days to NLP’ & ‘You Must Learn NLP’ both of which were co-authored with Dr Heidi Heron – all available for purchase at

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