Are you a good listener, are you conscientious, persistent, coachable, respectful, positive, passionate, resilient, personable and fairly independent? If so – you will be a great salesperson.

According to, these are the top qualities of an exceptional salesperson. With these traits in abundance, you will be a sales machine – with personal qualities that make you likeable, approachable and knowledgeable!

If you want to further develop your sales abilities, then NLP will help you with that.

One thing NLP is known for is modelling excellence. When you know the makeup of an exceptional salesperson, you can use your NLP skills to access or create, amplify and enhance these qualities within yourself.

Not only that, NLP will teach you skills to quickly build rapport with anyone, ask questions to truly identify needs, objections and desires, tools to identify a persons’ buying strategy and even influential language that will speak more directly to your customer or potential customers unconscious mind and needs.

One thing that NLP cannot to – NLP cannot make someone buy something they don’t want or need. So, it isn’t a manipulation tool or hypnotic sales process. If someone doesn’t want to buy something in general, or from you specifically then they won’t. However, if a person is looking for or contemplating a purchase of what your product or service is, by using your NLP skills within your sales approach, you will be more likely to make a sale.

In a recent NLP sales training we conducted in Singapore with a commercial real estate company, their sales team was able to increase sales by nearly 40% the quarter after they implemented new NLP strategies within their communication and sales process.

So, when you learn NLP you will be able to use your new tools in two ways. First, as a set of strategies to help you to personally develop and enhance the qualities of a great salesperson. And second, to understand and use the psychology of your customers to sell to them in the way they need to be sold to. When you do this, it won’t feel like they are being sold to – instead, they will be selling to themselves.

After all, who really likes to be sold to?