The confidence a person feels is an important factor in how they present themselves to the world. Generally, you have confidence about something that you do; for example, you might be confident that you can drive a car or confident to read a book, or confident to do you job. On the other hand, if you are not quite skilled at something or if you have conflicting beliefs about your skills you might have a lack of confidence. Examples of this may be – you don’t feel confident that you could climb Kilimanjaro, or you may not be confident to run a marathon or write a book.

Sometimes a lack of confidence is based on a lack of skill; and rightly so. If I’ve never played the violin, I can’t be confident in my skills of playing it. Sometimes however, a lack of confidence comes from a limiting belief, missing value or other internal conflict.

To build confidence with NLP, you will first need to get specific on what kind of confidence it is and then identify what stops or blocks you from having confidence in that area of life. NLP contains many tools to help you to change beliefs, align values and even clear conflict that may be standing in your way. You can even build or add extra resources you may need to boost your confidence, like self-belief, tenacity, resilience or self love.

Additionally, NLP is based on modelling. If there is an aspect in your life that you are confident about, we can map across your confidence from that aspect of life onto another. This may come in handy if you lack confidence to ask a girl (or a guy) out on a date, but you have confidence to ask a stranger for directions.

You are in charge of your mind – so, when you get your mindset right about your confidence, anything becomes possible!

The skills you will gain from learning NLP will teach you how to harness your own confidence in so many aspects of life. If we could make learning NLP a requirement in life, we would! Be sure to take a look at our NLP Certification trainings for more information.

Of course, working with an NLP Coach or Therapist to boost your confidence may be more for you – if so head to our website to find the right coach to help you!