Mid-Year Intake June- November 2020 

A (half) year long integration program helping you to live through NLP and for NLP to live through you. 

Are you serious about getting NLP into your muscle
and living your life even more with NLP?


This program was developed to help you to embody your NLP skills, elevate your life, and  accelerte your personal success.


Mid-Year Intake Limited
to 6 Participants

investment: $1200.00
or 6 payments of $220.00

If you are attending the Goal Setting for Success Workshop in Sydney please check for your discount code for this event.

Over 6 months you will:

  • Gain access to a dynamic planning system 
  • Learn how to implement NLP into your life
  • Be held accountable to achieving your goals
  • Receive at over 8 hours of 1:1 coaching
  • Transform beliefs, behaviours, excuses and blocks
  • Elicit values on a dozen different areas of life
  • Learn new insights every month
  • Share your learning and learn from others
  • Be a part of an amazing Living NLP Tribe

How does the program work?

We will be setting up a closed Facebook Group for participants of this program, we will also be using Zoom as a meeting place – so you can join us for our live meetings from anywhere in the world! 

Before June you will identify 1-3 goals you would like to achieve in 2020 and complete a Well-Formed Outcome on those goals. 

During the first week of June you will be introduced to your Coach to meet each other and discuss your goals and decide on the first action steps and mindset required for achieving them.  You’ll also be able to join the group Zoom calls where we meet each month to discuss progress, wins, challenges and check-in. 

Then, each month the format will be: 

Week 1: Online Zoom Meetings

2-3 Zoom meetings will be organised. During this time you will be able to report to the group your wins and accomplishemnts during the month and your next steps toward teh ahievement of your goals. 

Week 2: Values 

Each month you will elicit the values of two areas of life (or more at your choosing) and report these back to the group for discussion and understanding. 

Week 3: Educationals with Dr. Heidi 

Heidi will provide a number of educational lessons for you, these will be broadcast on the Facebook group where you can engage in conversation, learning and even debate. 

Week 4: You teach and share 

Through whatever medium you choose (written, video, etc.) you will share your learnings with the group and learn from each others wins, challenges and periperal learning. 

1:1 Coaching During the Month 

You will be able to schedule one coaching session (40-60 minutes), with your assigned coach to work through any interferences and build resources you need to acheive your goals. You can also schedule a 20 minute check-in with Heidi. During these calls, Heidi will want to know your wins and challenges – she is also able to assist guide you through processes or share with you personal insights to assist you on your journey. 

Tickets $1200.00

or 6 monthly payments of $220.00

Next intake starting
1 June 2020

A note from Dr. Heidi 

Over the years I have trained thousands of people in the skills of NLP – from basic knowledge to mastery and artistry. Perhaps the most beneficial sharings I have experienced are those that truly allow people to embody their learnings, enhance their life and accelerate their success. 

I am excited to share the Living NLP program with you over the next year and look forwad to many achievements accomplished because of the momentum, accountability and confidence this program will build.  

Consistency is the key to success and through this program you will learn not only how to consistently use NLP, but to be more mindful about where and how you can apply your skills in every day life. 

‘My passion is to help people who help people to be their best, most true and authentic self’.

Common FAQs about the Living NLP Program

Where will the program take place?

Mostly online. We will set up a private Facebook Group where reminders will be put, videos will be broadcast, conversations will be had and learnings will be shared. If you are not on Facebook, this program probably won’t be for you. 

What are my time committments?

That is totally up to you. We will have about 1 hour of personal work for you to do each week, plus whatever tasks you need to complete to turn your goals into reality. We would hope you would commit to the tasks you take on – after all, you are in charge of your mind therefore your results! 

As far as LIVE time – we will have a live meeting in the first week of the month on Zoom. There will be at least 2 time options for this, and though the month you can schedule a session with your assigned coach and also with Heidi directly. 

Who will my coach be?

We will be employing coaches who are in or who have completed our NLP Coach Certification. They will also be participants of the group and will be getting coaching of their own too. 

How will I schedule my coaching sessions?

You will be sent a link when you register to schedule your sessions with your coach and with Dr. Heidi. Each month you are eligible for 1 session with your coach (40-60 minutes) and a check-in session with Dr. Heidi (20 minutes). It is your responsibility to schedule these sessioins. 

Can I roll my coaching sessions over to another month?

Nope – you are eligible for 1 coaching session with your coach (40-60 minutes) and 1 check-in session with Dr. Heidi (20 minutes) each month. If you do not schedule, miss or need to cancel your appointment, they cannot be rolled over to a new month. 

If you desire more coaching sessions with your coach, you can arrange this directly with your coach for an addtional cost of your coaches session rate. 

How many goals can I work on?

We will start with 2-3 goals and when you accomplish those goals, you are more than welcome to create a new Well Formed Outcome and continue working on other goals! 

Tickets $1200.00
or 6 monthly payments of $220.00

Next intake starting
1 June 2020