Navigating the world of NLP can be a tricky business! There are a lot of NLP trainers in the world, and not all NLP is the same! The trainers own training, their style and their experience can greatly affect the training – so can your own understanding of what you can and want to gain from the training.

This is why we designed the NLP Map to Success.


The NLP Map to Success will help you to learn how NLP can benefit you in your life to unleash your business and personal potential.

The Worldwide Institutes of NLP and our Master NLP Trainers Laureli Blyth and Dr. Heidi Heron have been training NLP since 1994 – and we have a belief that the more you know, the better you can do.

This workbook is a step-by-step guide to what NLP is, how you can use it, where in your life you will benefit from it and how to get started with your own NLP training journey.


“A comprehensive tool to learn more about how you can use NLP in your life. Get started today!”

With the NLP Map to Success you will not only learn more about NLP – you will learn more about yourself too!

  • Learn specifically what NLP is for you
  • Find out how you can use NLP in your life, in business and with others
  • Identify your own Character Strengths
  • Find what personal characteristics you can further develop
  • Pinpoint areas of your life for enrichment, improvement and development
  • Understand your own patterns of emotion, thought and behaviour
  • Identify the values in your life that drive you
  • Create a Well-Formed Outcome (goal) about something you desire
  • Learn more about The Worldwide Institutes of NLP
  • Find out what your next steps are to learning NLP

Enjoy learning with the NLP Map to Success. We look forward to sharing our world of NLP with yours soon.